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Effects Switches and Variables

On Aircraft it would be really helpful to be able to assign new switches for effects...

Currently I'm having to code light switches to turn on certain effects files for aircraft... It would be great to have an option to XML code a switch with a title name etc so we can have customizable effects switches that are no longer slaved to aircraft lights...

One variable, if nothing else makes it into the next version of Flight Sim.... Please please please can we have a "relative humidty" XML variable??? This would help create effective vapour and vorticees on wings and wingtips of aircraft and would increase the immersion factor by more than anything else I suspect.

Also, 3D MDL's would be cool to be able to be called as an FX file...
I don't think ppl here know about airplane design because the link says it all, wwwSCENERYdesign.org, everything discussed here is about scenery, not planes.
Actually Jessy, this is the FS Wishlist forum threads and I don't believe it was specific to scenery. Also the suggestion for these things also affects ground scenery design as well, and was really about FX and XML code which does have an effect on scenery design also... :wave:
On Aircraft it would be really helpful to be able to assign new switches for effects...

In FSX that is entirely possible, since you can Attach any effect (.fx) file to a polygon.

Using custom XML code, you can easily hide/unhide the control polygon, which of course has as an end result a custom switch to start/stop any effect!

For example, I created "landing lights" using the fx_landing.fx file Attached to a polygon who's visibility is controlled by a custom L:variable called L:LeftLandingLight,bool...

I could have just as easily named the L:var as L:FredFlinstone,bool and it would still work just fine... :cool:

BTW, the landing light "ground splash" is NOT dependent on the state of the actual LIGHT LAND variable used by the sim!