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Blender Error when initializing SDK in Blender 2.83 and P3Dv5


For some reason I am getting an error when initializing the SDK in Blender 2.83 using the P3Dv5 SDK. It was working before but now this error comes up and I have no idea what it is telling me, any help would be appreciated, thanks
toolset error.jpg
I think it was the whole 2.83 folder....to tell you the truth I've been having a lot of trouble with blender and the SDK since upgrading to P3Dv5, I'm not saying that that's the reason but I am really struggling with it now. Mind you I'm only learning so I could be doing something wrong


Resource contributor
I'm a bit confused. You deleted the Blender 2.83 folder? So..... how do you use Blender if you deleted the Blender folder? I must be missing something, or are you essentially using the good 'ol "I can't fail if I don't try" philosophy? :rotfl:

Seriously though, it shouldn't be difficult to get the ball rolling with Blender. Install the latest version (2.83) and make sure that your shortcuts on the Desktop etc. are pointing to the latest version.
To be safe, go to %APPDATA%/Blender Foundation/Blender/2.83/config and delete p3d_locations.xml if it exists. Then go to %APPDATA%/Blender Foundation/Blender/2.83/scripts/addons and delete the Blender2P3DFSX folder. This should give you a fresh start.
Once you got all that verified, startup Blender, go to your settings->addons and install the Blender2P3DFSX toolset using the zip file.