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MSFS Fantasy of Flight, Polk City, Florida


Resource contributor
Hello all!
I just wanted to announce that I'm working on converting the original FSX Fantasy of Flight airport scenery by Vassilios "Dimus" Dimoulas to MSFS native (http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforu...74-Fantasy-of-Flight-v1-0-uploaded-to-library).

This conversion is being done with permission from the original author.

Although I say "conversion" this is more of a "based on" scenario, as the only things I will be using from the original scenery are the models and their textures. Everything else, terrain, placement, ect, is all being done from the ground-up. The models themselves, are even getting some tweaks under the hood (Mostly performance related for now). I have substantially reduced drawcalls and am working on adding LODs. Of course, there is much room for improvement, but this would require a complete redo of the textures and remap of all the models.

For now, I'll leave that for a future update.

I'm expecting to have a dev release out in the next few weeks, after which I plan on further improving the airport over time, maybe even a bit of collaboration (If anyone would be interested). While the 1.0 release version will be available on my website and flightsim.to, the dev version is planned to be exclusive to flightsim.to. This will help to keep most of the discussion/feedback in one place.

I will update this post as I make more progress. Until then, here's how things are shaping up after about 3 days of work: :)



  • fantasy-of-flight_msfs_1.jpg
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  • fantasy-of-flight_msfs_3.jpg
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  • fantasy-of-flight_msfs_4.jpg
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Resource contributor
"We’ve got Cows!"

Made some more progress today. Mostly on painted lines and some object placement. Oh, yea. And I converted and placed some Cow models. They currently roam all over due to the lack of fencing, but hay.

Actually, that’s a lie. They’re pretty stationary.



  • fantasy-of-flight_msfs_8.jpg
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  • fantasy-of-flight_msfs_9.jpg
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  • fantasy-of-flight_msfs_10.jpg
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Resource contributor
The last few days have been pretty tedious. Lots of painting lines, lots of placing fences, a little touch-up here and there.. but it's all starting to come together.

We're getting really close to the first dev release now! I'm planning for a release this Wednesday. It's currently Monday (For another 5 min), so that gives me tomorrow to get a few remaining tasks done. Which, I think is more than doable. However, if I have to push back, I'll push it back.

Until then, here's a whole new set of screenshots showing the latest progress! (Ignore the double windsock, it's acting out.) o_O



  • fantasy-of-flight_msfs_11.jpg
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  • fantasy-of-flight_msfs_13.jpg
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Resource contributor
The first dev release is now available at flightsim.to! Make sure to grab the latest version of both required libraries!!

More updates on the horizon!


  • esd_fantasy_of_flight_dev_0.4.0_2.jpg
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  • esd_fantasy_of_flight_dev_0.4.0_3.jpg
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Resource contributor
v0.4.1 is now available! This is a bit of a QOL update, fixing a few issues, improving performance, and improving compatibility with photogrammetry.

  • Added LODs to some models to further improve performance.
    • "Museum Lite" Hangar.
    • SE Building
    • Fence Elements (Brick Stucco)
    • Fuel Tank
    • RVs/Campers
    • PBY Catalina
  • Added new water polys for Lake Agnes, Little Lake Agnes, and a few other nearby bodies of water.
  • Adjusted positioning of static DC-3 near Interstate 4.
  • Adjusted height of old corral fence.
  • Excluded TIN around the airport for better compatibility with photogrammetry.
  • Fixed transparency of the fence near the main building entrance.
  • Fixed transparency of the Orlampa Conference Center sign at the Museum Lite hangar.
  • Improvements to Lelynn RV Resort, adding some missing RVs and excluding some buildings (WIP - Still a lot to do here).



Resource contributor
I have been working on the night lighting at Fantasy of Flight. All lights have been installed except for on one building. Unfortunately, the parking lot is going to be a bit bright for a while. Just waiting on Asobo to provide a way to exclude the default light orbs, then that will be resolved!

Everything is still being tweaked on, so brightness/color may change a bit from what is shown below.

No release date planned just yet, but this and several other changes/improvements will be coming sometime here in July. :)




Resource contributor
Time for a bit of an update..

Over last night and this afternoon, I was able to get some custom light poles finished up and placed. Much like the runway lights, I used Blender and Substance Painter as well, trying to expand my currently limited PBR skill set.

The lights do have emissive textures and effects, however something went wrong last time I compiled the model, so I wasnt able to get a screenshot of that just yet. I'll have to go back and redo the effects..

Besides the bit of modeling, I have also been working towards getting the RV resort a bit more squared away. I think one more update and I should have the entire resort done. It's just been a lot of back and forth, figuring out where RVs go, where to keep buildings, ect.

Some more work has also been done on both ramps. I have swapped some of the fencing on the Museum Lite ramp for more of a crowd barricade style. It very closely matches the fence used there IRL, based on a recent video upload.

Some fencing has also been added to the main ramp, as well as some more clutter scattered about.

Here's another volley of screenshots featuring changes in the upcoming update, all for your enjoyment:


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.07.11 -
    Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.07.11 -
    3.8 MB · Views: 18
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.07.11 -
    Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.07.11 -
    3.9 MB · Views: 17
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.07.11 -
    Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.07.11 -
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  • Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.07.11 -
    Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.07.11 -
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  • Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.07.11 -
    Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.07.11 -
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Resource contributor
I still don't have a solid date on when I'm going to be pushing the next update for FoF, however with all of the objects for this release now complete, I have decided to go ahead and push an update for Emerald Object Library.

This mostly includes new objects, but I have also fixed scaling issues with the Cows currently at FoF, so those will be corrected now. The update is currently live on flightsim.to. I'll be getting it posted to my website here in a bit.

Also, because it wasn't ready to be shown off yesterday, here's an screenshot of the pole light doing what pole lights do..



Resource contributor
The final building lights have been attached.

I have a pretty solid update put together. With all the progress I made this afternoon and evening, an end of week release is looking pretty doable. All of the major tasks I wanted to accomplish in this update are done. Now it's just a matter of double checking and tuning the stuff that needs to be tuned.

I took a night flight this evening to check out the airport. The runway lights aren't perfect from a distance, but they light up nice as you near the airport. I'm going to see if there is something I can do to increase their visibility from a distance. I'm hoping that if I tweak the intensity across the model's LODs, that the lights will be visible from further away. If it works, I'll get it into this update, if not it will (hopefully) be improved in a future update.

While I was there, I couldn't help but take another volley of screenshots. Here are the last of the teasers before I launch this update:

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.07.13 -
Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.07.13 -


Resource contributor
Fantasy of Flight has been updated to v0.4.2! This is a big update, delivering a lot of improvements:

  • Added barrier fencing and more clutter items around the main ramp.
  • Added custom globe pole lights. (Requires Emerald Object Library update!)
  • Added light effects to airport buildings and runway lights.
  • Added LODs to more models to further improve performance.
    • Boardwalk, Storage Buildings, Tables, Tents, Water Tower
  • Added water to many ponds around the area.
  • Adjusted position of SW Building (main ramp), as it was misplaced by a few meters.
  • Adjusted position of storage buildings.
  • Fixed an issue where two apron materials were conflicting on the main ramp.
  • Fixed an issue where photogrammetry would override certain terraforming changes.
  • Fixed missing seat-backs on chairs in Tent model.
  • Fixed some stray and missing trees around Little Lake Agnes.
  • Fixed water on Lake Helene, including a few nearby ponds.
  • Improved aerial textures by removing more object/building footprints.
  • Improved fencing around museum lite ramp.
    • Extended and fixed sections of fence near handicap parking.
    • Replaced a section with barrier fencing (Based off of a recent video).
  • Improvements to Lelynn RV Resort. (Still a WIP - This place is huge..)
    • Added more RVs.
    • Added improved road textures throughout the resort.
    • Excluded many buildings and trees conflicting with RVs (heh).
    • Improvements to positioning and orientation of some RVs.
  • Optimized aerial imagery to reduce file size.
  • Removed 1235 hidden triangles from the Tables model. (~32% reduction!)
  • Removed grass from under the Museum Lite building.
  • Removed stray trees around several lakes and ponds in the area.