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FS2004 Finding unused Titles

In 15 years of installing flightplans (AIG, WOAI, MWAI etc.) I have a lot of unused titles (and texture folders ofcourse) because the flightplan designers used different titles.
I suppose, there is no way in AIFP to detect those titles?
Is there another tool?


Just to show the dimension of the aircraft folder ;)
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There is no way at the moment to handle all aircraft simultaneously. However, there is a function to tell you what you want to know on a aircraft-by-aircraft basis. (See user-manual section 8.7). But, that probably isn't practical in your case.

It should be possible to adapt that feature to analyse the complete aircraft folder. Leave it with me.



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Herman, it seems you (or someone else) asked for the feature you requested, since it exists. I simply neglected to update the user manual to reflect the multi-aircraft capability.

Use the "Identify Aircraft Not Used in Traffic Files", which gives you the option to select from the resulting list aircraft (titles) to be deleted. In the meantime, I'll update the user manual.


EDIT: Turns out I had updated the user manual, I just didn't required far enough. This function will also delete any associated textures and, if all titles in the aircraft.cfg are deleted, so will be the entire folder. So, I'd be inclined to back up the aircraft folder before using the delete capability
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Hi Don, it worked fine!
After copying my aircraft folder to another drive, I could delete a significant amount of unused AI aircraft:

But my work is not done now.
Because many of the AI aircraft have the wrong type "0", I have to correct these ".air" files by AIAE and repeat the "Identify Aircraft Not Used in Traffic Files".
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Don't understand the significance of "Type 0" or why it affected what you were trying to do. But, I'm glad it worked for you.

If an AI aircraft has a wrong type=0 air file it is not included in the selection:


(Jan Martin's enhanced FDEs have all type=0 air files. I am nearly through with changing them to type=2)