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MSFS Flight Model Bending - The Graf Zeppelin (II)

Not a tremendous amount to show from the past few days, mainly refinements and bringing parts up to standard. Finally want to finish the engine I've spent so much time getting perfect thus far


That said here's a little experiment I spent a few hours on one night, hope it's not too much of a tease ;)

This is MOST awesome! I’m so glad you’re sticking with this. Ever since I was in high school (many, many decades ago) I’ve always had a keen interest in these huge ocean liners in the sky. I even made a paper model on one from scratch back then modeled after the early zeps. Like it’s said, with planes you fly, with zeppelins you voyage. The navigation and plotting trips from Europe to the Americas and staying in course would be a challenge all the while maintains a time schedule. Just rain collecting on the fabric would change the ballast of the ship to keep it in trim. There’s more to it than most people think.
I thought I'd share a little bit of my experiment


Aside from that, more control car work, ancillary system modelling and lower deck cabins going in, windows now fully refactored with the assistance of source materials


And texture work has restarted on finished areas

Been following this since being developed. Was wondering if, since what appears that you have an "flying model", would it be possible to release what you currently have and update whenever possible? Yes, Red Wings is supposedly coming out w/ their version (someday) and not fair giving ALL THE WORK that you've put into this so my thinking would be to release what you created (as long as its flyable/solid). Hell, releases of aircraft that's from FSX are being reworked to some degree to work in MS20 sooo why not? I would suppose that no weather at the very least would have to apply in order to work as is......