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FSX:SE Flight plans compiling, but traffic not appearing

Hi folks,

Having some trouble with AI Flight Planner and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've made flightplans in AIFP and they have been compiled and saved to FSX's Scenery>World>Scenery folder without issue, but when I load the game the traffic doesn't appear. At first I thought it might be an issue with the aircraft and updating the aircraft.cfg, however I've tried making a simple flightplan with an AI aircraft I already have installed and appears in the game, and it yields the same result. Traffic is set at 100% in game and the flightplans I've created are for airports which have the appropriate gate capacity and runway length (one flightplan was departing Shannon, the other Teesside, both with a 737)

I'm using FSX Steam Edition - my PC did once have disc FSX installed on it, however I've been into the AppData folder and there's no FSX:SE folder, just an FSX one, so as far as I'm aware AIFP is drawing from the correct fsx.cfg file.

Any idea what the issue may be? I feel like I may be missing a step somewhere in the flightplan process but I'm not sure. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


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WIthout your traffic file and a little more information, it's rather difficult to tell.
  • First of all, have you attempted the troubleshooting procedures set out in the AIFP user manual.? If not, please give that a try.
  • Are you confusing Local/Summer time with GMT. AIFP understands all three.
  • Does your default traffic file generate any traffic at any airport?
But, most of all I'm most suspicious of the activity noted in your post's second paragraph. If FSX is not installed on you system at the time FSX:SE was, FSX:SE probably installed as FSX - provided FSX was properly uninstalled - and should have been left that way.

I'd be inclined to uninstall FSX:SE and also FSX if there's anything left to install and re-install FSX:SE. But, don't be surprised if you encounter problems. There's far more than AppData involved when attempting to convert FSX:SE to FSX. There are a lot of registry items to be handled. Lets hope whatever has to be is still intact.
Hi, in answer to your questions:

1. I've tried the troubleshooting in the user manual with no success
2. I've tried both - most recent attempt I had it set to GMT, though I've also set it to local with no joy either. I've made my test flightplan in the UK/Ireland (just one aircraft operating one return journey per day) and checked an hour either side of the departure time I selected just in case, but the aircraft doesn't appear. Flightplans I've made are weekly and depart at the same time everyday, so it should appear whatever day I select.
3. I have a load of World of AI traffic files installed - these all appear and operate fine within the game.

Disc FSX had been uninstalled from my system at the time I installed SE. I can't find any remnants of it in my folders.

If you need any more information please let me know.


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I have a load of World of AI traffic files installed - these all appear and operate fine within the game.
It would have been helpful if you had mentioned thyis the first time, Your problem is simple. AOAI traffic files are compiled for FS9. There is a 'sticky" near the top of this forum entitled:


Item 13.2 of the user manual (Troubleshooting) states:
Don’t Mix FS9 and FSX Traffic Files

AIFP offers a solution. You need to convert all your WOAI (and any other traffic files that still work - which will also be in FS9 format) to FSX format using the fourth item under the Airports menu. See Section 8 of the user manual.

EDIT: Please also refer to section 12.2 of the user manual for an explanation as to why this conversion necessary.
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