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FS2004 CAT problem after compile

Hi All...

Anybody out there have a cure for this one?

Hangar created in GMAX (1.2) places and functions as expected (the doors continuously open and close).

The files are processed with CAT V0.94 (Thanks Arno) without error and a good compile is shown.

Filename_cat.ASM is processed using BGLC_9 (Thanks Dick) to create the new MDL set containing the animation controls. As a side note, the file size jumps appreciably higher, by about a quarter of the original size (as expected).

Filenames are changed to match the XML file and its contents (the same XML file that was used previously) and the new MDL/XML are processed through the BGLComp (V to create a new BGL file with animation controls.

The BGL file is then cut and pasted to FS-2004 (as it was initially) but FS refuses to load. The load bar stays at zero until the program times out, then FS crashes.

If I go back to the original set of files (no animation controls) everything works as expected.

Off hand, nothing in the _CAT.ASM file is jumping out and admitting that it is the culprit. :banghead:

For info, when it would not work with MDLCommander, I modified the MakeMDL.CFG file to create the file set, to turn off crash, turn off damage textures and to allow all other texture types, only to get the same results. The 'Export' file from GMAX is created as a scenery MDL and not an aircraft.

Anyone have a clue? :confused:
I think your animation has become to complex. Can you open the ASM file and take a look at the amount of entries in the SCEN section (at the bottom of the _0.asm file). I can't remember the limit at the moment, but it was something of a few hundred entries. My bet is that you will have too many there.
Hi Arno,

SCEN shows a 'dw = 36' (zero plus 35). This is a standard military type hangar with 3 pocket door on each side of the front and 2 individual sliding doors in the back of the hangar (for the tug).

I'll knock it down to a single door and work up from there to see if that is the problem though.

Thanks for the help.


Hi Arno,

Even a single door is giving the same indication of failure. The SCEN numbers are an interesting lot. I thought at first that they were directly proportional to the number of GMAX frames but the 36 (above) blew that out of the water. Now, a single door with a frame count of 100 in GMAX is giving a SCEN 'dw 300'.

:banghead: :banghead: My head hurts.... :confused:

Hi Al,

A SCEN of 300 is (probably) too much and thus the reason of your crash.

This is not related to the amount of frames, but more to the amount of linked parts (or attached objects). So have you linked a lot of objects together or something else very complex?

EDIT: The 35 entries you wrote about, is that before or after CAT? If that is before CAT it will certainly be too complex after CAT added some extra animations :).
Hi Arno,

This is not related to the amount of frames, but more to the amount of linked parts (or attached objects). So have you linked a lot of objects together or something else very complex?

Oh WOW.... You may have made an indirect hit.... Linked or attached parts, no, but, what about high vertices on a couple parts? The front and rear roof supports, along with the roof itself were cloned from a GMAX 1.1 file that worked fine. (Something like jacking up the radiator cap and driving a new car under it) In all, there are only 61 total objects in the project but the vertices number 9825 and the faces number 18,870. Most of that is in the two parts mentioned earlier with 4642 vertices and 9021 cast faces each.

I will try to 'prove' this as the cause by making a separate file for the doors to have the same coordinates as the hangar. If I recall, I need one stationary part to go along with the animated doors..... The door pockets sound like good candidates for that. I'll let you know and would appreciate any other input you might have.

Thanks again,



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Vertices numbers should make no difference. Could you else send me the ASM code (or the GMax file), so I can see here if I can find the reason of the crash.
Hi Arno,

Found one operator error on my part, but it still will not load as a combined project (files attached). It now stops at 68 on the load bar and refuses to go further.

For info, I did split the project and made a doors file and a building file. Both compiled and work as advertised. I still don't understand why the combined won't load though.

It will be interesting to see what you see.


Al FR-153 said:
(files attached)

Where? :D Seems like the often happening forgotten attachment.
Hi Arno,

Didn't forget, something else must have happened. It seemed to take forever when I sent them up....... We'll try again here.



For some reason they don't want to go. I will email them to you directly. :whiteflag