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FSX Multiweek FP to FS9

I've a multiweek FSX FP that I would like to use in FS9.

Before I try to re-invent the wheel and twist myself into knots, is there a method or does anyone know of anyway to do this.

Many Thanks



Resource contributor
AIFP does not support conversion of FSX FPs back to FS9. (There was never any call for backwards conversion.) But that doesn't mean it can't be done with a little help. The issue will be airports in FSX that aren't available in FS9.

If you select FS9 as your Target Version before loading the FSX FP, AIFP may (the PV5-compatible current development release should), identify the airports of concern.) If that doesn't work, have a look at the files FS9Chg.txt and FS9Del_AIFP.txt in your AIFP folder. These files identify the airport changes from FS9 to FSX so you can determine which airports need attention manually.

In either case, save the FP as a fileset and update the airports in the FP text file using a text editor. Don't worry about the airports.txt file; AIFP doesn't use it.

You should now be able to load the edited FPs back into AIFP without error. Compile for FS9 and give it a try.

I can't guarantee this WILL work but it's worth a try.



Resource contributor
I think he's talking about the fact that FS9 does not support multiweek plans, so that will need to be converted. The simplest way to do this is to split the plan into two WEEK plans and have two planes fly the routes weekly.


Resource contributor
Thanks for the comments Tom. I hadn't bothered to check whether FS9 supported multi-week plans.. I just dove-in ( as usual).

So now there are two major issues - airports and splitting as you suggest.
The airports haven't created a problem, as they're all recognised.

It's the 5 week split that's not so easy to sort out.



Resource contributor
Then the only other way I can think of is you load the traffic file and edit the repeat period of each FP to be weekly before saving to FS9