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P3D v5 Gauges conversion question (from FS9/FSX model to P3D) xml

firstly - my knowladge about creating gauges is on the level -1 😄 but Id like to use model, created from FS9 in P3Dv5.
In fact, I noticed it in many models, where old xml is used, also newer for P3Dv5 ( but after some of updates from FS9>FSX>P3D like for example Ants Airplane Tiger Moth / PBR for P3Dv5) and I would like to explain what is going on, I know that the problem is just about this xml, old gauges.

Description of issue:

Ok, I need UH-12 model, found old Piglets model (free and its quite nice still), now it's converted to P3D by G.Arena (mdl) https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=&Name=&FileName=pppershillerp3dv4.zip&Author=&CatID=root in the last year.
It a very simply rotorcraft with simply avionics also:

.... but I noticed every few seconds big FPS drop from VC (stutter every few sec) in P3Dv5. The example of this "stutter" on Ants Tiger Moth (and its confirmed from few users)

I discovered, that if I remove all gauges (XML) from this Piglet's UH-12 model (or Tiger Moth) its ok with FPS again, so something is here, in xml gauges, textures are ok. In new models, created for P3D4.4+ (perhaps with new SDK and tools) haven't those problems and works fine.

I think it needs to be converted to P3Dv5 in some way with new tools.

I know that in SDK its an ACE tool ( SDK\Panels and User Interface\Panels).

What I noticed, I can open with this tool XML Gauge samples from SDK path, for example stopwatch:

BUT when Id like to check this xml gauge from this UH-12 model I see this.... nothing happens:

Here is example from for example OH_23 battery xml gauge:

<Gauge Name="Battery Switch" Version="1.0">
<Image Name="mstr_batt_bckgrnd.bmp"/>
<Position X="0" Y="0"/>
<Value>(A:Electrical master battery,bool)</Value>
<Case Value="0">
<Image Name="switch_down.bmp" />
<Case Value="1">
<Image Name="switch_up.bmp" />
<Cursor Type="Hand"/>

For example Stopwach (with which there are no problems) looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<Descr>AceXML Document</Descr>
<SimGauge.Gauge id="Gauge" ArtDirectory="C:\Prepar3D\SDK\SimObject SDK\Panels and Gauges SDK\XML Gauge samples">
<Size>100,110</Size> ....................... ect

Maybe I need to add something here in each file to make it work and be compatible with P3Dv5? Maybe there is a problem here? Overall, they all work (this old xml) in P3Dv5, but they do cause stuttering in the same time.

Thank you for any idea what can I do with this or what can I check ...
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Check what format the bitmaps are in in the used model. mstr_batt_bckgrnd.bmp can be in the old FS9 .bmp format and thus boot the system. In P3Dv5, the priority of 2D devices is set to secondary, and in VK, 3D tools are mainly used.
Check what format the bitmaps are in in the used model. mstr_batt_bckgrnd.bmp can be in the old FS9 .bmp format and thus boot the system. In P3Dv5, the priority of 2D devices is set to secondary, and in VK, 3D tools are mainly used.
Thanks. I can convert all textures, what exactly should be the format for panel textures (BMP, 24..)?
The exact format is written in the SDK. I have such


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