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Getting CAT and LOD's to work


Well, this is my last call for help on this.

Attached are the original .asm files, and the .asm files after applying CAT.

The LOD's work just fine until I use CAT, and then they don't show at all. CAN ANYONE PLEASE GIVE ME SOME INSIGHT ON THIS!!!



  • decklights_01.asm
    3.4 KB · Views: 571
  • decklights_01_0.asm
    77.5 KB · Views: 575
  • decklights_01_cat_0.asm
    90.1 KB · Views: 608
  • decklights_01_cat.asm
    3.4 KB · Views: 601
Hi AJ,

Sorry, but sometimes I am too busy to look at other people's problem. I could probably spend all my spare time on that and I also want to spend some time on my tools sometimes.

I had a look at the files, the only weird thing I see is that there are two local variable blocks. I have changed the code so that only the first one is used (the second one was never filled, so those animations would not work).

Let me know if it works,


  • decklights_01_cat.asm
    3.4 KB · Views: 591
  • decklights_01_cat.mdl
    19.1 KB · Views: 603
  • decklights_01_cat_0.asm
    90 KB · Views: 616
Hi Arno,

I'm sorry also to seem like I'm buggin you on this, and I realize you're a busy guy, but the question that I'm asking here is important, and is directly related to your tool.

I ran the .MDL and recompiled the .asm files, and the result is the same. So, it looks as though we have made another discovery of what CAT can and can't do. From the looks of it, other ppl have had the same problem as me, and just didn't press for an answer, so this post should serve as an important piece of information to those of us who run across this problem!

Models with LOD's that include BGL lights won't show once CAT is applied!

I'll try to do another diff later this week, to see if I spot something else. But it seems it is not going to work indeed.