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MSFS Global AI Ship Traffic FSX, P3D and MSFS2020

Perhaps this, very soon ... without facking :cool: using real effects from MSFS for a Calypso driveable.
For AI version, I am working on the subject.

After an afternoon using VisualEffectEditor, I have succed to make a wake and to had it to my Calypso AI:

Excellent news :D I will be far from MSFS the next 9 days except my friends GIMP and Blender working on converting files... it is good to fall asleep on.... but once I am back I will join you experimenting.
Today, I wil try to modify yours 4 boats and add a wake on each one. I think to send you the result before this week-end.
Here is a brand new and very interesting ferry for the wishlist. It starts serving on it's route between Vaasa in Finland and Umeå in Sweden on 28th of August.

I like when the wishes comes with documentation included :D Anyway... Now first we ened to finish our quick fix for MSFS... still two weeks work despite sending around 600 ships in beta test today.... Next up we need to get the wakes and other effects included.... then, and only if Asobo does not have more surprises hidden in the sleeve, we will restart increasing the fleet....

But here a few shots from the beta...




It seems like a) the problems with stutters after SU5 are gone b) the problem with texture mix up is gone c) the ships generally shows up were they are intended to show up meaning that the sim feels better with the new models than the mdl files....
With a lot of help from Didier @Lagaffe
Wake test.JPG

And the first Royal Navy model to be converted... HMS Duncan

Destroyer Royal Navy MSFS Flight Simulator Ship.JPG

And further ahead of her, HMS Dragon with the hangar closed

Royal Navy Flight Simulator MSFS Destroyer.JPG

And enjoying the same windy weather South of Plymouth an Ulstein X-bow

Bourbon Mistral PSV MSFS Off Shore.JPG

Beta test has gone well, no major issues have been found so we will launch the first batch of around 650-700 ships late Saturday; no wakes included in the first place but at least the ships will be back without stuttering, texture mix-ups and other nasty issues introduced after SU5


  • HMS Dragon MSFS.JPG
    HMS Dragon MSFS.JPG
    320 KB · Views: 161
Some boats with way more details than many expensive aircraft models - your work is outstanding. A big compliment to all involved! 👍
V2.10 of the Global AI Ship Traffic was uploaded to Flightsim.to last night. We are still "Just" with quick fix models, but now there is more diversity as we now rounded 1050 models. Next up today will be a separate launch for the Great Lakes.


French navy units - in the foreground D640 by Sebastian Viale and behind my Floreal class


Erwin Welker's Alexander Von Humboldt and one of my fishing boats


Martin Rueedi contributed with the paddle wheelers for Lac Lucerne


A few of Didier's model are included with wakes, but effects are first for next version.


And one of my own cruise ships Carnival Paradise
Thanks Enzzo, but my library maded for this trafic has yet various wakes, a chimney smoke (# 575 screen 4) and fire effects also for future usages.