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FSX Ground poly problem

Hi folks

I have the following problem:

When I make a ground poly or a ground line and use the "gp_Signs_ Yellow" texture, it shows on the Sim as expected.
When I use the "gp_Signs_White" texture it doesnt.
As for my knowledge I also tried to see any differences between those textures with DXT-bmp program. Alphas are the same....
I spent few hours trying several possibilities but no success.

Any hint?

Kind regards
Have you copied the "gp_Signs_White" texture into the \texture folder that goes with the \scenery folder containing your BGL file?

Sounds silly but a load of users seem to forget to do this.
Hi Ray

In the ADE Folder there are different Subfolders with textures "Textures", "Textures_Base_Mipped", Textures_Base_NonMipped", "Textures_Dpy", "Textures_Dpy_Base". The textures in the different folders have the same "Name". The textures in "Texture_Dpy"...
have the words as Texture and White Alpha, the same named Textures in "Textures" are opposite > White Texture and the words are Alpha..... its confusing...

I copied the textures which are in the "Textures" folders into the Addon Scenery folder...but no change..


Resource contributor
A picture would be most helpful.

Incidentally, you don't have to copy any textures. ADE-GP places them in the destination companion \texture folder automatically.

The textures in those "_Base" folders are named identically since they are differently-formatted versions of the same pattern. This is explained in the manual.. You are intended to copy only one of them into your ADE\Textures folder. "White Alpha" is not the name of any stock ADE-GP textures. This and the confusing naming convention you mention suggest you are not looking at using JUST the stock textures.

Quote - "Incidentally, you don't have to copy any textures. ADE-GP places them in the destination companion \texture folder automatically. "

This is only true if, (as I believe), when you compile to a BGL, you compile directly into the 'scenery' file which is the one set to 'Active' in the sim.

Personally, I prefer to compile ALL files into one common 'scenery' folder and then copy the relevant files across to the final '\scenery' file. There is a complementary '\texture' folder, which receives any textures from the compile process. These I transfer to the final 'texture' folder. This has been my procedure since GP polys and vectors arrived and I doubt if I will change it.

As a regular reader of this Forum, I get the impression that not everyone does compile directly to the Active 'scenery' file. It sounded to me that this may be have been Alex's problem.
can you confirm or otherwise that you are compiling directly into the sim Active \scenery folder. If you are, then does the \texture folder contain the 2 BMP files for the 2 textures you are using?


Resource contributor
This is only true if, (as I believe), when you compile to a BGL, you compile directly into the 'scenery' file which is the one set to 'Active' in the sim.
Just to avoid confusion. AIFP knows nothing about the "Active \scenery folder" or that you may be compiling to an "intermediate" folder.

When you compile from ADE, a target folder to receive the .bgls ("ADE Target Folder") is designated in the Compile Folder field of the Compile Options dialog. If the name of the ADE Target Folder ends with "\scenery, ADE-GP assumes there is a companion \texture sub-folder and copies the required textures to that subfolder. If not, ADE-GP creates a sub-folder named ADE-GP Textures in the ADE Target Folder and places the required textures in it.

So, if the ADE Target Folder is a scenery folder, then all files are in the intended place following the compile. If you compile to an intermediate folder then, of course, you must eventually copy the .bgls AND the contents of the \Texture subfolder in the ADE-Target Folder into the \scenery and \texture subfolders, respectively, of the active scenery folder.

At the moment, all we have from the person who started this thread is "When I use the "gp_Signs_White" texture it doesn't. Until we see a picture or have a better description, we can only guess.

Hi folks

Thank you to take care of my "problem"

I do compile my airport on the usual .....C:\FSX\Addon Scenery\scenery location

To may be better understand I send you various pictures.
I can only attach 10 files. Textures_Dpy and Textures_Dpy base on secontdpost


  • ADE folder.JPG
    ADE folder.JPG
    158.6 KB · Views: 78
  • Compile parameter.JPG
    Compile parameter.JPG
    39.7 KB · Views: 59
  • Restricted area white.JPG
    Restricted area white.JPG
    181.5 KB · Views: 73
  • Textures_Base_Mipped.JPG
    187.9 KB · Views: 84
  • Textures folder.JPG
    Textures folder.JPG
    129.6 KB · Views: 85
  • Situation on Simulator.JPG
    Situation on Simulator.JPG
    63.1 KB · Views: 67
  • Situation on ADE.JPG
    Situation on ADE.JPG
    56.8 KB · Views: 86
  • Scenery folder.JPG
    Scenery folder.JPG
    94.1 KB · Views: 89
  • Restricted arey poly yellow.JPG
    Restricted arey poly yellow.JPG
    205.5 KB · Views: 64
  • Textures_Base_NonMipped.JPG
    187.1 KB · Views: 74


Resource contributor
So, it appears from the screenshot that the white sign is not displaying at all. The ADE-GP Editor image appears OK, so I'm going to have to see your .ad4 file for this one.

Here it is.... airport is still not finished

Remark: the white, not showing "Restricted Area" label is at the end of runway 18L on Twy F, just before ILS hold short in direction of Runway


  • RCNN_ADEX_AN.ad4
    86.7 KB · Views: 39


Resource contributor
Both the mipped and non-mipped gp_Signs_White textures display for me. This suggests your texture may be been corrupted. I suggest you re-install the text folders from the ADE archive.

Ok Don, thank you for looking at it...

Your wrote : I suggest you re-install the text folders from the ADE archive > how do I do it? Where is the ADE archive?


Resource contributor
Download and re-install ADE completely or just the texture folders.

The download location will be specified in one of the stickys above.

thanks for the expanded and more detailed explanation of the compiling/textures situation and I can also say that, after loading and compiling the .ad4 file on my system, both the white and yellow signs appear as expected, suggesting (as you say) that there is a texture file fault occurring with Alex.
Hi folks

I did download again ADE 1.75 and changed all the texture files. But the problem persists:scratchch. I tried with the red signs and the show as well as the yellow ones. only the white one dont.... very strange.
Well I keep this situation like this, trying from time to time to see what experiment I can do further to find out why its like that.
Thank you for the advises you gave me until here. I wont bother you for this topic anymore but keep you informed if I found a solution/reason.

Best regards

By the way another question: I would like to release some of my airports on avsim. I therefore am concerned about copyrights. In the meaning of, if my airports have library object from other persons who put their libraries explicite on avsim to use, do I have to ask all of them the permission for my airports before putting it on avsim? My airports will also be for free use.


Resource contributor
Alex, I just noticed you have posted under the FSX banner. Try compiling again but, on the ADE-GP Compile Parameters dialog, check Compile FS8-Style GPs. You may be experiencing a previously-unreported issue with using FSX materials, Checking this box should ensure you get the same results as Raymk and I.

Hi Don again
Thank you for your further hint. I tried it....well now I have a black polygon on the taxiway but no white letters, see pic


  • Test2RCNN.JPG
    294.4 KB · Views: 45


Resource contributor
That black poly suggests either the texture gp_Signs_White is not in the \texture folder or that you copied the file from the Textures_Dpy folder (which are 24-bit textures and would display as you have shown) instead of from the Textures folder (which holds DXT (displayable) textures.