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Ground Vehicles using Asobo stock sound packages

I have a simobject GroundVehicle, following a path defined by a WorldScript. I would like this vehicle to have basic engine combustion sounds but I'm having trouble getting any sound to work at all.

I have a soundai folder, containing the soundai.xml with its contents based on the sample "MyCompany_Boarding_Stairs":
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<SoundInfo Version="0.1">

<Sound WwiseEvent="Combustion" WwiseData="true" EngineIndex="1" FadeOutType="2" FadeOutTime="0.5">




No sound appears.

If I replace my own simobject vehicle in the WorldScript with an Asobo one (e.g. ASO_CarUtility01), then it makes an engine sound just fine.

Has anyone managed to use the stock Asobo engine sounds on a custom GroundVehicle?
I couldn't get it to work.

And I've noticed a couple of other mods in my community folder attempting to do the same which are also silent.

The custom ones that do work all have their own Wwise sounds.

I found Wwise straightforward enough for a simple sound like that and these were the only two vids I needed, though the first one goes way too fast and you need a huge screen to press your nose against -



For the attenuation settings in the second vid there are Asobo-supplied templates to modify.

And that's a working ship sound with xml.


  • soundai.zip
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Thanks Superspud. I followed that tutorial around a year ago and had no luck, so I'll just have to give it another go.

Just reached this point and I'm a little confused.
Up to this point I've named my sound package "BBD_Engine", but now its telling me the name has to be the same as the SimObject?? I have 5 different SimObjects I'd like to use this sound with so surely I don't need to create 5 PC.PCK files.

Edit: Well having the same name as the simObject is not important as I just tried your ship example and it works just fine. I'd love to see your wwise project file if at all possible so I can figure out where I've gone wrong.
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There you go - https://www.mediafire.com/file/49jy8dkpxrfwuto/WwiseSampleProject.zip/file

I've no idea of which specific bit to upload so that's my entire Wwise sample project folder including generated soundbanks.

It might be a bit messy as there's a non Asobo project I didn't delete. I don't think that one will work as it doesn't have their settings or whatever.

I keep forgetting what I have done and not done right. I need to do it again slowly and write everything down. The first video should've been slowed down and made clearer and I wasn't getting the same windows popping up as the video either.

The naming thing is a bit confusing. And I didn't do what they told me to there.

The same sound with the same name works fine for multiple simobjects. I didn't get around to figuring how to point all of them to one instance of the PCK though so it's in each Simobject folder.
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Thanks superspud, that is really helpful. I've managed to narrow down my issue to the actual audio file, but I'm a little lost as to what is wrong.

If I generate your soundpack in wwise, everything works until I attempt to change the audio file. I even tried renaming my wav to "big-ship-hum.wav" and using the "Import > Replace Audio File" option. Leaving all settings identical, the generated soundpack suddenly appears silent in game.

This is the audio file I'm trying to package. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R7j-IdmnDT9pZ89kXEJ7AjV9YJY4ifdG/view?usp=share_link

I've no idea what to try next.
I expect it's down to naming conventions getting mixed up in the various different sections - work unit, sound bank, actual xml etc.

Better to start off with a completely new one and follow the video again.

Here's a working version. The attentuation is a bit rough.


  • soundai truck.zip
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Thank you so much! Its working in game.
I'll have a play round with the project file to see if I can fix the attenuation without it giving me more silence.
Well no matter what I try with wwise it gives me a silent audio file. Starting from scratch, replacing the wav or changing any single setting...all make the PC.PCK go silent.
I have noticed I'm getting an error "No licence for 'Wwise Convolution Reverb' plug-in..." so maybe that's what's causing it, but I wouldn't imagine you bought a licence either @superspud

There seem to be loads of extra plugins which Asobo didn't cough up for which I ignore completely and plenty of errors making a soundbank that seem to relate to them that I also ignore.

The licence they've supplied for it, whatever it is, appears to get the job done.

Not sure what to suggest really. Perhaps restart with your own blank example project and follow the vid again closely.

Though overall it's pretty straightforward, there are many noodly steps that are either very easy to miss or not quite nail.
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