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MSFS [GUIDE] Converting Aircraft from FSX to MSFS

White = a 'baked in' material encoded in the model OR an incompatible or missing texture file. In this case it certainly looks like a problem with the texture file. Make sure your layout.json is updated (if a texture is not included there the game will not find it), check from any texture fallbacks that aren't set up correctly, and make sure the texture file for those parts is the correct format (32 bit bmp or DDS DXT 5).

This is what happens when you convert an FS2004 model to FSX but don't reassign the animations properly - the parts collapse to 0,0. You will need to start from the FS2004 model again and reassign or fix any animations highlighted in red before exporting.
I tried to edit and it put the flaps completely out of the a/c. Any suggestions on how to edit those numbers ?? When I hit fix it removes the flaps.
Update to above question.
I edited the Red colored problem flap to the same settings as the outboard flap. when I hit OK nothing happened to anything the problem animation still there. I don't see anything to assign them too either. These 2 flap problems are messing up a really nice plane. Even with the flaps in the front of wing she still flys and most everything works except another issue with the front gear, doors close but gear stays down...
Hi first of all thanks a lot for the great guide and everyone's research on this topic. I've been experimenting with this over the last few days and I was wondering if anyone had any luck with getting the legacy effects, in particular the lights, to work? I noticed that ASOBO has added the legacy .fx files to their library ..\Official\OneStore\fs-base-effects-legacy\effects\ but when converting and loading the model in FS2020 any references to them in a .mdl file appear to get lost, or the .fx files aren't loaded.

You can assign them in the systems.cfg file and that works (example below)
lightdef.0 = Type:3#Index:0#LocalPosition:-63.40,0,12.03#LocalRotation:0,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_Landing#Node:#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_Landing ;
lightdef.1 = Type:1#Index:0#LocalPosition:30.46,0,4.29#LocalRotation:0,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_BeaconTop#Node:#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_BeaconTop ;
lightdef.2 = Type:1#Index:0#LocalPosition:30.46,0,-4.6#LocalRotation:0,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_BeaconBelly#Node:#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_BeaconBelly ;
lightdef.3 = Type:5#Index:0#LocalPosition:6.00,-5.98,-4.19#LocalRotation:0,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_Landing#Node:#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_Landing ;
lightdef.4 = Type:5#Index:0#LocalPosition:1.83,1.82,-4.19#LocalRotation:0,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_Landing#Node:#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_Landing ;
lightdef.5 = Type:3#Index:0#LocalPosition:-12.97,-38.75,-2.75#LocalRotation:0,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_NavigationRed#Node:#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_NavigationRed ;
lightdef.6 = Type:2#Index:0#LocalPosition:-63.40,0,12.03,-4.24#LocalRotation:0,0,0#EffectFile:LIGHT_ASOBO_StrobeSimple#Node:#PotentiometerIndex:1#EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_StrobeSimple ;

However, any direct references in the .mdl (see img below) have no effect. I've been playing around with this and changing the EffectParmaters, visibility conditions, etc. for a while now, but I haven't been able to figure it out. So I'm just wondering whether this is a limitation, or whether I'm doing something wrong.

Btw, the coordinates between the .cfg and the .mdl file are inconsistent, as the .cfg file uses the reference_datum_position under [WEIGHT_AND_BALANCE] as a reference, so I had to convert them accordingly.

Many thanks in advance for your feedback! Cheers



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Lights are defined in the CFG now. Anything in the MDL is ignored.
Also FX files are mostly ignored/inop whilst they redo the effects system.
Lights are defined in the CFG now. Anything in the MDL is ignored.
Also FX files are mostly ignored/inop whilst they redo the effects system.
Thanks I had a feeling this was the case. I have no issue with defining the lights in CFG it's just that you cannot refer to the mdl's attachment points, at least not to the FSX native ones. So the navigation lights, e.g., won't move with any flexing wings, but will remain in their static position. Let's see what ASOBO will come up with in regards to the new effects system.
I'm asking again for help. My 1st request may have been a little vague. I'm trying to fix the inboard flaps shown as (l_pct_trail_edge_flap1) . So far I've done nothing and they move to front of wings and go through fuse. Next I tried to edit to the same as the other flaps and it placed them outside the wing completely. I was gonna try a reassign, but don't see an option. Can anything be added to the Animation Editor as a assignment. I could really use the help as I don't know how to fix.
Note-This the whole flap not the trailing edge or spoiler if that makes sense.
Edit-better picture of what I'm working with.
Screen Shot 10-17-20 at 10.42 AM.JPG
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Still searching for a solution: export aircraft model from GMAX to FSX for use in MSFS; daytime texture Diffuse is displayed together with night time texture Self-Illuminated during day and dusk and night; tried countless combinations of settings and parameters as well as texture plus different alpha setups; any suggestions ...?
Now struggling with transparency: Have a transparent light bulb; single one color texture; white alpha; setup in GMAX; all json's correct. Displayed correctly in MCX but in MSFS it is not transparent ... any suggestions ... ?
Thx much guys; I got a transparent glass light bulb to work in MSFS, using a dark grey alpha. Light grey 248 248 248 for example resulted in very less transparency, but very reflective; Dark grey 080 080 080 resulted in very transparent, but nearly no reflection; well, until I tweaked it a little bit to get more reflection.
I used a light blue for the diffuse texture. What color and settings would you recommend for a very transparent and freshly cleaned shiny glass window?

My settings in GMAX:

>>> Blinn Basic Parameters
Ambient 150 150 150
Diffuse 150 150 150
Specular 255 255 255
Opacity 0
Specular Level 250
Glossiness 10

>>> Maps
ONLY Diffuse map slot used

>>> Special Functionality
YES Blend environment by inverse of diffuse alpha
NO Blend environment by specular map alpha
YES Blend diffuse by diffuse alpha
NO Blend diffuse by inverse of specular map alpha
NO Use global environment map as reflection
90 Reflection Scale
75 Specular Map Power Scale

>>> Bloom
YES Allow bloom

>>> Framebuffer Blend
Set Default Transparent

>>> Enhanced Parameters
YES No shadow

However, in MCX there is no transparency visible now, contrary to the rendering in MSFS ...
Finally finished my HSST project. It's ready for release, but I'll wait until some issues have been solved by Asobo. It's mainly regarding effects like contrails and the supersonic ability.

I compiled PDF document MSFS Aircraft Model Conversion From FS2004 & FSX Manual, available from my website, containing topics like:

- guide for converting FSX models for use in MSFS
- manual for converting FS2004 models to native FSX models using GMAX project file
- new FDE files system
- MSFS Aircraft Editor Resync function
- implementing Reflection Metallic Glossy Shiny Effects in MSFS
- creating Glass Transparency textures
- Thumbnail Image creation
- Pilot's Eye Viewpoint setup

Download links for all used tools and utilities are included.
From your manual:
The new MSFS may support 2D Cockpits and previous Gauge file formats *.gau and *.dll not or only limited
This is incorrect. MSFS does NOT support 2D Cockpits or .GAU or .DLL gauges
Pilot's Eye Viewpoint
To change the position of the pilot's eye viewpoint in the virtual cockpit, you may edit entries in file cameras.cfg

InitialZoom =0.3 zoom (out + / in -)
InitialXyz = 0.375, 0.975, 4.725 move pilot viewpoint (right + / left -)
move pilot viewpoint (up + / down -)
move pilot viewpoint (forward + / backward -)

Initial eyepoint is set in the [VIEWS] section of the cameras.cfg eyepoint variable*
eyepoint = -1.25, -1.35, 2.867 ; Longitudinal, Lateral, Vertical (feet)
And then in the "Pilot" Camera definition the InitialXYZ should be 0,0,0
Title ="Pilot"
Origin ="Virtual Cockpit"
Category ="Cockpit"
SubCategory ="Pilot"
SubCategoryItem ="DefaultPilot"
InitialXyz = 0, 0.0, 0.0
InitialPbh = -7, 0, 0

*This is my personal opinion, you can of course do what ever you want, but this process makes the most logical sense to me.
From your manual:
This is incorrect. MSFS does NOT support 2D Cockpits or .GAU or .DLL gauges
You cited my text line correctly:
The new MSFS may support 2D Cockpits and previous Gauge file formats *.gau and *.dll not or only limited
I might revisit this guide at somepoint but this tool is now my tool of choice instead of PlaneConverter: MSFS Legacy Importer
I also tried it, guess 2 times, but was not satisfied with the results.
And then in the "Pilot" Camera definition the InitialXYZ should be 0,0,0
It is not even "0,0,0" in the default A320 / B747-8 / B787-10; you may take a look for your information ...
There is no limited support for 2D cockpits, or gau or DLL. They are not supported at all, hence your statement is incorrect.

It is not even "0,0,0" in the default A320 / B747-8 / B787-10; you may take a look for your information ...
Yes because that developer decided to do that: regardless the variable is called eyepoint for a reason.

The note at the bottom of my post still stands.

It's good that you were able to compile your process for future conversions.

EDIT: fixing non-cafenated fat finger phone typing.
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English is not my mother tongue and googleing was not successful; what does "cryreason" mean?

However, I was wondering why there are 2 entries for the viewpoint, scrolled down and found that we have:

eyepoint= ...

Title ="Pilot"

Title ="CoPilot"

with different InitialXyz values ...

Just removed that misleading phrase with 2D cockpit and the ancient file formats. Not relevant anyway, since I 'propagate' using a default MSFS cockpit.

Btw: MSFS Legacy Importer did not even copy my model to convert completely to the community folder like PlaneConverter did. Still wondering what I've done wrong ...

Thx for reviewing OzWookiee!
This is really interesting slash weird:

In the HTML documentation > Content Configuration > Camera Configuration, there is a different description compared to the CHM version. It's much more detailed in the CHM variant of the SDK documentation.

Inside both of them, I could not find anything about the [VIEWS] section of cameras.cfg file.

One should set position and angle of the camera settings (Xyz/Pbh) in each [CAMERADEFINITION.0], according to the CHM version of the SDK docu.

Was wondering, what the [VIEWS] eyepoint then is for and suspected it to be one of the legacy remainings we can find in the config files sometimes. Changed the values for testing purposes, and found changes made to the eyepoint still working.

Both the docu variants, HTML and CHM, state the Xyz values to be in meters, very interesting, everything is feet, here it is meters ...