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Hangar door animation problem


I've created a hangar with a door animation. The door is actualy 4 objects. First the left side opens than the right side. I used CAT to make an animation trigger for NAV1 108,35 which works fine. One problem I do have : somehow in the animation the synchron between the left and right side of the doors are not working. The left side opens than little bit later the right side also start to open and somehow the animation repeats. The animation is completaly different from the gmax animation. Weird is that the synchron also not good without CAT.
When I set the open freq 108,35 than it takes approx. half a minute until the animation start and it does not start at the beginning, it jumps to an interim frame.

To make it clear what is my problem please watch the video:


Where is the problem? Thanks for help!
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The delay before starting is normal. CAT has to wait till the frame is at the start again after you select the trigger. On average that will take half your animation length (so about 30 seconds for 1024 frames).

I think your problem might be that the door that starts first does not have a keyframe at the end. All objects need a keyframe at the last time frame.
Thanks Arno!

Understood. Maybe somehow I missed the last keyframe. Since that I re-designed the animation, the left side starts together with the right side. It works now perfectly.
Hi Arno.

Arno, I have created my first hangar with animated doors. I too have a problem with the animation in FS. The doors work right in gmax, but not in FS.

Would you explain what a keyframe is and how to add it to my animation?

Did you not forget to name your part tick18_? % That is required in the fs2004 gamepack.

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And do you see the keyframes on the bar with the frame numbers? You should see the markers at the frames where you set a key.
Yes, see the keyframes on the bar with the frame numbers.

There are 4 hangar doors on my hangar, each with the named tick18_hangar_door, tick18_hangar_door_1, tick18_hangar_door_2, tick18_hangar_door_3, tick18_hangar_door_4, tick18_hangar_door_5, tick18_hangar_door_6 and tick18_hangar_door_7.

With this many doors do I need to link the doors together. The doors are opening in FS, but not in order, they are all mixed up.