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Hanger Doors


I've used CAT to attach a Frequency of 112.00 to animate my Hanger Doors. They work fine but the animation does'nt stop it's just continuous, even If I change Frequency the animation just continues, over and over.

How do I put a stop to this?
Normally CAT should be able to do that.

Does the animation start when you tune the frequency or is it already running in that case either?

Else please post the tweaked ASM code CAT made, I can maybe make something out of that :).
it works sort of how it should, The doors are closed on startup, I tune the frequency 112.00 and after about 3 seconds the animation starts but halfway through, then it doesnt stop when the doors are fully open, it loops over and over.

And when i change the frequency it still loops. and if i go to another airport and return it's still looping.

maybe I havent animated it correctly in GMAX.

In CAT I first used the 'Animation Condition Page' and left the other pages blank, but I couldnt compile it with either BGLCOMP or BGLC_9. so I left that page blank and used the next page the ' Animation Trigger page', set it to NAV2 etc etc, this then compiled with BGLC_9.

I used this command line to compile with bglc_9

bglc_9 hdoor_CAT.asm hdoor.mdl

I dont use the command line that much, this was more or less a guess :D

I then dropped the hdoor.xml onto BGLCOMP this gave me hdoor.bgl

I've attached the files, if you try the .BGL the animation is at KSEA

I tested the files on my PC and they work fine.

Could it be that you were testing in an area with a low framerate? In that case the state switching could go wrong.