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MSFS Has anyone figured out what the modern prop parameters mean?

I'm talking about these specifically:


The last one particularly is quite confusing. The SDK says this about prop_lowbetareductionmid:

This parameter allows you to define the beta at which the thrust efficiency will be maximum.
Only used when prop_uselegacytables is 0 (FALSE) or omitted.
Default is 1.4.

OK, so it let's you define the beta (prop beta angle?) but the default is 1.4. A default of 1.4 makes no sense if we are talking prop beta degrees. Makes even less sense if it's radians. I thought maybe it's advance ratio (again with a default of 1.4 though?). What scale is this parameter using because everything I've tried makes no sense.

What's units are these parameters using. What's the valid range. Why can't Asobo include this basic information in the SDK?

I'm really ready to give up on this and just go back to using the legacy tables.
That's an interesting link Roy.

But I'm starting to think that these parameters mean absolutely nothing if you are using the modern prop model. I just spent the last hour tweaking those parameters in the Beaver and they seem to make absolutely no difference.

Funnily enough if I delete the fixed_pitch_beta = 20 line (which I would have thought is no needed variable pitch propeller) it messes up my beta_max which should be 25 (it goes up to 36 without that line).