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help- Gmax Setup with Prepar3d SDK V1.4

Hi all,

could somebody kindly help me out with setting up Gmax to correctly interface with P3d SDK 1.4? Sorry to say I'm a total beginner to modelling software.
I own the FSX :SE which unfortunately comes with the incomplete SDK. I searched on the internet and found that the best option for steam users is to use
the P3D SDK v1.4 which I downloaded and installed.

The "READ FIRST: FSX SDK installation (all versions)"thread on here , unfortunately leads to a "bad title" and --The requested page title contains invalid characters: "%28" message--.
for me , when I click on the blue "SDK installation FSX" link. I tried with two browsers, same result. Could somebody point me to correct page?

I found the original reddit forum post about setting Gmax up with the P3d V1.4 SDK, but I'm stuck at the point where you set up the path reference for the modeldef.dll.
The reddit guide simply says:
"Open gmax go to customize – configure path add and paste the way to the modeldef.dll. Now it should work."

However when I go to customize->configure path there are four tabs, I'm not sure within in which to add the path to modeldef.dll.
Do I need to add anything else ?

I read the P3d SDK documentation on the environment kit but I had trouble understanding how to make it work, as among other things it bluntly states as a first step:
install 3dsMAX7 7+.

Sorry if my questions are sounding dumb to you experts, but I'm really starting more or less from scratch with zero SDK usage knowledge and english is not my native language,
so I kindly ask for some patience.

Kind regards,


P.S:: I forgot to say, not sure how to proceed generally regarding the various SDK components. For now my aim was simply to take a first step towards modelling
an aircraft in the FSX native format, so other things like scenery design I do not intend to use right now.

Here is the ADE report, I suspect a lot of stuff is set up wrong or missing. Sorry.:

Date of Report: 17.03.2018 10:49:23
Operating System: Microsoft Windows
OS Service Pack: n/a
OS Version: 6.2.9200 (64 Bit)
OS Language: Deutsch (Deutschland) => separator: '.'
Nodename: PC
ADE installed: no
ADE Path: D:\MSFS\FS Design Tools\Ai (manually set)
ADE Install Version: n/a
ADE File Version: 1.75.6421.26577
ADE Info: n/a
FXS installed: yes
FSX Path: C:\FSX\steamapps\common\FSX\
FSX Version: 10.0.62615.0 (FSX.20150710-1055)
FSX Trailing '\' Error: Falsch
FX9 installed: yes
FS9 Path: C:\simulator4\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\
FS9 Version: 9.01.040901.01
FS9 Trailing '\' Error: Falsch
RTM Simconnect: yes
SP1 Simconnect: yes
SP2 Simconnect: yes
FSX SDK installed: no
FSX SDK Path: n/a
FSX SDK Trailing '\' Error: Falsch
BGLComp Version: n/a
BGLComp >= SP1: no
Shp2Vec found: no
.NET 1.1 installed: no
.NET 2.0 installed: yes
.NET 3.0 installed: yes
.NET 3.5 installed: yes
XML3 installed: yes
XML4 installed: yes
XML5 installed: no
XML6 installed: yes
FSUIPC/FS9 installed: 3.999z8
FSUIPC/FSX installed: 4.966c
Connected to FS9 ok: no
Connected to FSX ok: no

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