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MSFS How can I use ADE to bring over airport's "default goodness" but bring over my ModelLib/Materials

I generated a new stock airport via reading the supplied doc. I see it creates the nice folders and paths for me. I can build and load my project via loading in the XML in the SDK at the airport. Everything looks great. I have the taxiways/runways/aprons and its nice and flat. I can just drop in all my models and begin to paint away elements to finish the tarmac.

Not so fast - my ModelLib (even though brought over and built ok) does not bring in my models to the package. These models all fine as I have been using them for months now during developing. Why cant I see them in the project ADE created? I want to keep all the goodness ADE has created but start with a fresh Material and Models I pasted in to my new package sources.

See my project and all my models paths:


I have used both /data folder and /scene folders. Still getting a ton of yellow texture issues in the console even though %100 these all work. Its gotta be something with structure. I pasted all models and textures in the ADE stock project....I cannot re place them at the airport.





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Are you adding custom models to the project? ADE has a two step process. First the glTF models need to be stored in models source folder and second you need to Add them to the airport. Are you doing that or assuming that having them in the package folder is not enough? Also ADE won't read the source XML from an in sim project.

This is where the round tripping (having a single common project that can be edited by both ADE and the in sim tools) comes in and where it does not currently work. You can take an ADE project and open it with the in sim tools but any changes you make to it in sim are not reflected back. The main reason is how ADE works. It has a project file which has a specific format and has nothing to do with the bgl or xml formats. The relationship between ADE format and XML is one way. When you save ADE generates the xml. So to share a single project ADE provides XML source, In Sim this gets read and is stored in the source folder. However if the project is edited in sim the XML will get updated. However this does not update the ADE internal project. All drawing and so on is done via the ADE project. So this means that if the XML source is changed in Sim then ADE needs to read that back into its own format to display things (which it can do now). There are some elements in the airport schema that ADE does not read (yet) and if it can't then the next time it generates its view of the XML it loses those things.

Sorry I have probably gone way off topic. Bottom line is that I need to find a way to sync the XML source with the ADE project data and protect any bits that ADE does not understand. Have I figured this out? Not yet :(

"First the glTF models need to be stored in models source folder"

Where is the models folder? In the ADE project folder?

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in a sub folder under PackageSources


ADE names the folder uniquely to avoid issues with the generic model lib name
I see, sorry for being so noob, but are the .mdls saved in the SDS-egcw folder and the opened individually in ADE? I thought we don't use library.bgl in MSFS until it's compiled.


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No the SDS-egcw folder will contain the sources for glTF models. Mdl files are legacy supported in MSFS but the new standard is glTF. So
  • If you have models (glTF) that you want as part of the project (user custom models in past ADE versions) then the source is placed in the ModelLib folder and built as part of the project package
  • If you have a set of models that you have in a library then these can be loaded into the ADE Library Object Manager and then placed. The models are not part of the package but just referenced. In any case you need to convert mdl models or libraries of mdl models with MCX to create glTF models and the library containing them needs to be placed in the Community folder of the sim. Bascially the same workflow as older versions of ADE/FS