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FSXA How to find and collect right airports with AIFP3323

Hi Don

Coming home from my vacation I tried to update AIFP3323 from stuff4fs (automatic doesn't work).
I installed it new and tried Find/Collect airports. It works and I saved the collected Data.
Then I tried to make a flightplan for my problemairport TUPA (Virginisland). "TUPA is not in the AirportList.dat"
So I tried to copy this file from my AIFP3315 -which contains this airport- but starting the new version I saw the file changed to the other version (without TUPA)
How is the right workaround for a FSXA user to find the right AirportList using Find/Collect airports?


Resource contributor
tried Find/Collect airports. It works and I saved the collected Data.
That's not very specific. What airports did you collect? Did you collect add-on airports for FSX? If not, that's your problem.

So I tried to copy this file from my AIFP3315
This won't work (as you've discovered). AirportsList.dat is regenerated at startup based on the stock data supplied in BaseData plus any applicable (to the Target version) updates and addons. Check that either AirportsList_Updates.dat or AirportsList_Addons.dat contains an entry for TUPA. If either does, please send me both files.
Yes, I collected FSX addon airports. I choosed Add-on-Folders by selecting C:\FSX\Addon Scenery with Directory Tree. I collected with Directory Tree.
The airport TUPA is contained only in AirportList_AddOns.dat not in the AirportList.dat. There is no AirportList_Updates.dat file.
Get Airport Information for TUPA does not work. Also I can't make a Flight Plan for this Airport.,


Resource contributor
Also I can't make a Flight Plan for this Airport.,
That's because its not in AirportsList.dat.

I had asked if the airport was in either file, you send me the file. Without it I can't help you
Thank you for answering. Sorry I misunderstand you. I' ll send you now the files.


  • AirportList_AddOns.zip
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I know what's going on. TUPA is a PV5 airport. But you don't have PV5. AIFP is getting confused.

I'll fix ASAP.

EDIT: I assume FSX is the only version of FS or P3D installed on your system.


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Please delete AirportsList.dat and any file whose name starts with "StockAirportList" from your main AIFP folder (not the BaseData folder) and try again. Also, please confirm PV5 is not installed on your system and that FSX is the only version installed.
I don't believe TUPA is a PV5 airport. It is a freeware from 2013! I am only using FSXA.
The airport is from AVSIM:
Added:26th July 2013, 17:22:11
Author:Valladier Jean Louis

I'll test it tomorrow; thanx


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What I meant was that TUPA is a stock airport in PV5. Did you delete the files I requested and try again?


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Christian, I have set up my system to emulate yours, i.e., FSX only. TUPA is successfully installed as an add-on airport (from your AirportsList_Addon.dat) and is selectable in the Airport Editor. So, there would appear to be something on your system that is conflicting with AIFP's operation.

Looks like we'll have to "peel the onion". Please re-install AIFP to a clean folder and try again. If that doesn't work, the please select English as your language and "Match Windows display language" as your regional setting. Know the results may lead me to the solution.
Don sorry for the late answer.
I re-installed AIFP to a clean folder and tried again. No luck.
Now I installed a new fantasy airport in Puerto Rico named PR01 which not exist in reality (nearby PR27). I started AIFP - Find/Collect airport with the same effect: PR01 (and TUPA) is in the AirportList_AddOns.dat but not in the AirportList.dat.
So if I construct a new airport I can't use AIFP With prior versions i have no problems. I sent you again the two files.
I am thankful for your efforts.
I try laborious to write English, but I fear I can't read Windows in English (apart from problems with other programs:oops:)


  • AirportList_AddOns.zip
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Christian, the generation of AirportList.dat in Version 3.3 is quite different from in its predecessor. That was necessary to accommodate the new complement of airports in PV5. But, there is no intentional reason for what's happening. As I said before, this is not happening on my system and no one else is reporting it. So, it would seem there's something in your machine configuration that this conflicting. You have proven it's not extraneous files by installing to a clean folder. That seems to leave only language/regional settings.

Re English, all I wanted you to do is change your language and reginal settings temporarily to English/Match Windows display language, start AIFP and see if TUPA is in AirportsList.dat. It either is or it isn't. Then revert to your prior language/regional settings.

If you feel uncomfortable changing those settings, please tell me what language and regional settings you normally use and I'll chack.

All this being said, since you don't care about PV5 airports, you can stay with Version 3,2,---.
I switched to English/Match Windows display language, restarted my PC started AIFP, Find/Collect airports, Saved, looked for TUPA and PR01 in the AirportsList.dat - but no such airports in the list, only in AirportList_AddOns.dat .
Sorry but maybe I made a mistake. My language is German/Austria and the regional settings (attachment).
I do not believe to use PV5 in the future, so it will be the best to stay with Version 3,2.
Thank you


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I am officially "stumped". I adopted your language/regional setting and once again, TUPA found its way into AirportsList.dat.

I do note two situations of concern.
  1. In the AirportsList_Addons.dat you sent yesterday there were nearly 1700 addons. I wonder, perhaps, if you are reaching some capacity limit on your system. Perhaps you could temporarily move 1000 or so out of your FSX\Addon Scenery folder, restart AIFP and see if TUPA appears.
  2. The AirportsList_Addon.dat you sent earlier today contains the same 1700 addons in addition to the nearly 25000 stock airports. It appears you selected the FSX/Scenery folder in addition to your addon scenery folders. Even if you didn't have a capacity issue before, you certainly have one now.
Sorry Don for making such trouble.
ad 1: I surely I made some mistakes creating and correcting airports or freeware airports. The system shows me many double airports, which I have to correct. But in many cases the double is normal. If I correct an stockairport and save the new version with ADE there are two airports with the same ICAO (stock and the corrected). Both are listed e.g.

05AK, C:\FSX\Scenery\0101\scenery\APX08100.bgl
05AK, C:\FSX\Addon Scenery\AFCAD\scenery\05AK_ADEX_CR.bgl

I tried yesterday again my 3.2 Version and it works perfectly. as I said TUPA and my new PR01 airport are in the AirportList.dat. If I reached really the capacity limit on my system this version couldn't work also:scratchch. I believe there is an other difference between collecting airports with version3.2 and version 3.3.

ad 2: finding/collecting the airports I only selected the FSX folder which contains the Addon Scenery folder. I have done so because some airports are not in this folder but within the FSX folder (e.g. ORBX freeware airports).

I eliminated also a big number of addon airports and tried again Find/Collect with version 3.3. but TUPA was only in the AirportsList_Addon.dat. This could not be the issue.

BTW I have to say I am using the software SIMstarterNG (AEROSOFT) maybe there are some 'obstacles' for exactly working the AIFP version 3.3...but I don't think so.
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Christian, I don't give up easily. Looking at the source code once again, I realized that in the Airports menu there are two items of interest:
  • Use Any Add-on Airport Data, and
  • Use Add-on Airport Data from Target version Only
Have you selected either of these? In your case, it doesn't matter which one you choose, but you must select one of them if you want to use add-on airports.
Heureka, this was the same problem (again :oops:)
I enabled now
  • Use Add-on Airport Data from Target version Only
...and now it works:) TUPA and the new PR01 is in the AirportList.dat.

Normally I overwrite the using version with a newer version and obviously the parameters (like above) remain. In this case I installed AIFP 3.3 to a clean folder and payed no attention to the special airport parameter.
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