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FSXA I can't save collected Addon airports

Hi, I made a new airport and tried to proof using an AI-aircraft on this airport. The new airport with an unique ICAO is naturally not in the databank.
So I tried to collect all addon airports with find/collect menu sucessful. The airport is in the list but the savebutton seems not to work.
I had to close the site for further working. Is there a reason why?
I am using the last Version of AIFP (
Thank you for some help.


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Why do you think the Save button didn't work? The confirmation message got lost in the upgrade, but will be in the next release.
Because the airport is in the collected list but not in the menu 'Airports>Get Airport Information' . So I can not use the airport in the flight plan.


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That's hardly a reason to "close the site for further working"

There is one other possible issue - also fixed in the next release. First, check AirportList_Addons.dat to ensure your addon is there. Assuming it is, restart your system and it should appear for you.

If it doesn't, please send me your Airports_List.dat and AirportsList_Addons.dat.
Don, I had the same problem today with Going back to resolved it for me (this was doing stuff in FS9).
Not for me it didn't - yes, I did try it (it occurred to me at the time that it could be an issue with the confirmation message or something similar). There was no record of the new airport and waypoint I'd tried to introduce. As I say, going back to sorted it.

I can try again for you tomorrow with and record the process if that would be helpful.


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I'm in the process of a significant upgrade that will affect collection of add-on airports. Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to make a new release until that work is done - probably tomorrow.
No worries Don. Steve over at MAIW mentioned that you were working on this. I achieved what I needed to, and I'm not yet working on stuff for P3Dv5 so I can wait. will do just fine in the meantime.
Hi Don, how should I work further without closing the site? The site shows below the button 'Save' but pressing this button has no effect. So I have to close the site with X right above.
I tried with 3312 and with 3216 but without success. Maybe there is an other issue.
The airport I wished to use is an freeware airport on the Virgin Islands, British, Anegada TUPA. It is a substitute for the stockairport TUPG, which is not right placed .
It is impossible to delete a stockairport. So I restructured it and changed its name to "Capt. Auguste George CLOSED" The airport ID remains as TUPG.
After that I named the new airport TUPA. It is similar but not the same and has an unique airport ID.

After collecting airports with AIFP both airports are in the AirportList_AddOns.dat file.
But making a flightplan there is only TUPG to choose.


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I upgraded to AIFP 3312 yesterday - could not get the download via the link from the previous AIFP so downloaded directly from Stuff4fs. Upgrade went OK and got message concerning Addon airport files needing to be re-gathered.

Went ahead with this and having clicked on the Save button and the screen staying open I was intrigued. Looked in the AIFP files and found that the file "AirportList_Addons.dat" had been created. I repeated this again today and concluded that clicking the Save button does save the required file but is not closing the dialog window as might be expected - apart from this it seems to be working OK. Incidentally, looking through this file showed me some spelling errors and even some errors in the airport country locations for a few of the addon files I have accrued. The errors were quickly corrected using ADE and the airports were re-collected - now the "AirportList_Addons.dat" file looks fine.

This has raised a question with me however - I may have not been 'collecting' all of the required data.

Like most users I put the vast majority of my 'modified' airports and any new/non-stock airports somewhere in a sub-folder of \Addon Scenery so when I 'collect' my airports for AIFP I click on all of the relevant directory entries under \Addon Scenery.
But it has just occurred to me that I have other sceneries that are 'outside' of this location - for example I have Aerosoft Balearic X scenery files in \FSX\Aerosoft sub-folders. Up to now I haven't thought to include these in my selections. These sceneries are active in my FSXA installation so should I be including these in my selections when collecting airports? I would think the answer must be YES but can this be confirmed as I now assume that AIFP needs to know the file locations are where any non-stock airports are stored?
This just never occurred to me before. :scratchch
Interim report:
Hi Don, I tried to make my flightplan (around TUPA) with my old machine (Win7) and AIFP 3.2.1. No problem with collecting and save the addon airport TUPA.
I copied the traffic bgl file to my new PC (Win10) AIFP and voila the flightplan works perfectly.:)
BTW I tried also to create the airport TUPA with AIFP Airport Editor but no succes only error messages:scratchch


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Thanks for the reports, guys. Now for a quick update.

There is a fundamental problem with AIFP (since Day 1) affecting power users, ie., those who move stock scenery out of the Flightsim folder and (or maybe leave it there but) place a copy on a separate phtsical disk to speed up loading. AIFP doesn't "understand" such a situation and "assumes" all such scenery resides in the Flightsim folder. So long as a copy of stock data remains in the Flightsim folder and you don't collect airports, AIFP will, for the most part, be OK. But, what happens when you collect addons is that every stock airport is treated like an addon, meaning you have in the order of 25,00 airports in AirportList_Addons.dat.

When I updated to version 3.3, I was still unaware that power users may have moved their stock data. Unfortunately, under that situation, collecting addon airport became problematic. Complicating things is that even if the stock data was intact, the airport list was not reassembled giving the impression that the new addon had not been recorded. That's why I asked Flatterman to shut down and restart AIFP which, in fact, did solve his issue.

Over the last few days, I been working closely with one of you power users to address the moved stock data issue. I hope to be able to release a new version that solves all the problem sometime tomorrow. I'm going to do so as a development release because of the large number of changes. But, I'll do my best to make it happen.

BTW Christain, I didn't change the operation for closing the Collect Airports dialog. Since you may wish to make several "collects", the dialog remains open after Save, until you close it with the "X". However, there is now a confirmation message following each Save.
Gotcha. Yes, other than for FS9 (which I only have installed for MAIW development), my sceneries are outside the FSX or P3D folders, and installed using the XML protocol as utilised by Lorby's installer and recommended by LM. However, up to now I haven't had a particular problem with that; AIFP has been able to find and collate the airfields I've pointed it at - maybe sometimes with a bit of help. Anyway, I await developments with interest!
Hi Don, there must be a misunderstanding.

That's why I asked Flatterman to shut down and restart AIFP which, in fact, did solve his issue

The issue was not solved. The addon airport TUPA is in the AirportList_AddOns.dat, but I can't call it in the AIFP mainmenu, so I can't make a flightplan.

I made my flightplan with my old PC and the old version of AIFP, compiled it and copied the traffic_bglfile to my new PC. and there works the flightplan.
Opening the BGLfile in the new AIFP there you can see Flight From (only) TUPA (without the special name).
BTW this Airport works in FSX without problems but a flightplan with AIFP is impossible.

I installed the FSX at C:\FSX and only there are the stock airports and all my addon airports (C:\FSX\Addon Scenery). No airports are outsite the Flightsimfolder.
I also don't understand why I can't use the Airport Editor (see attachment)


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Christain. I misinterpreted your previous post and stopped reading when I got to
"voila the flightplan works perfectly
. But, the mention of an error message is new. Exactly what were you doing when it occurred. Could you also show me the detail

EDIT: Don't bother sending me anything. After posting, I noticed that your new airport name was two words and it reminded me of an old issue I thought I had fixed some time ago. Turns out its back and will be fixed before the day is out.


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Christian, I've taken another look at the Airport Editor. It was, in fact, not saving updates. (Well, it was saving the updates, but not in a form that could be read by other parts of AIFP.)

You should have fewer such problems with the next update, hopefully later today.
Hi Don, thank you for answering. I have time, no hurry.
For testing I tried to name the new airport only 'new' but it doesn't work either with only one word for the name.

You said : But, the mention of an error message is new.
In my post #12 I wrote: 'BTW I tried also to create the airport TUPA with AIFP Airport Editor but no succes only error messages:scratchch'


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Christian, seems to be behaving itself. While I haven't found anything to explain why you can't access TUPA (even though RayMk with essentially the same machine configuration can, and I can also), perhaps I've fixed whatever it is inadvertently.

Please give a try. If it doesn't work for you, please zip up your entire AIFP folder and email it to don at stuff4fs dot com.

BTW, I trust you have selected one of the two "add-on" options in the Airports menu.
Hi Don,
Even with after finding, collecting and saving there is no TUPA in the AirportList.dat, sorry. I will sent you my AIFP folder with EMAIL.
What do you mean by the two "add-on" options in the Airports menu?