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Is FSX/P3D SDK available anywhere?

There isn't a 64-bit P3D SDK v1.4 version.
This old news release from LM indicates otherwise.


Unfortunately the included link is now dead.


I do not work with 3DSMAX, but just out of curiosity, I looked this old URL up on:

Wayback Machine - Internet Archive

...and found this:

"More is Better – 64-Bit Modeling Tools Released


The Prepar3D development team is excited to announce the release of an update to the Prepar3D v1.4 SDK – which includes new 64-bit modeling tools. The Prepar3D team heard the feedback on our forums that modernized and updated tools were needed to build more dynamic content, and the development team partnered with many leaders in the Prepar3D development network to implement their feedback. The result of that hard work is a free update to the Prepar3D SDK that allows developers to create much richer and more dynamic content for Prepar3D.
You can download and read the release notes for the updated SDK here, as well as download the patch here (note: you’ll need to be logged in, and have already installed the v1.4 SDK, this is simply a patch you’ll install over your previous 1.4 SDK installation).
But don’t take our word for it, here is what members of the Prepar3D Developer’s Network have to say about the updated modeling tools and SDK features:
“This new set of tools provided by Prepar3D really were spot on. This means for us the possibility to produce better quality content and much quicker. Right now we have to model in 3D software such as 3D Studio and then export each aircraft to GMAX which is an extra step that we will not have any more. More over the new tools doesn’t have a 64K limits polygons per material which means no limits for reproducing details generating an even better flight experience.”

“The truth is, the new 64bit plugin is the most significant improvement to the Flight Simulator SDK for the last decade. We can now work faster, on more complex environments, without fear of performance loss or crashing.”
Fly Tampa
Fly Tampa

“At first, with Max 2012 32bit, we were limited by the antiquated ESP export system, only having the ability to export 65K Polygon models at a time, having to ‘knit them together’ into full models through another program, having to reboot Max with each export of each segment of a model. But Team Prepar3D saw our needs for a new, updated exporter system and set to work to make us a package that we could really use, and this is it. Now, we can run Max, CS6, and P3D all at once, not having to reboot Max, all running on a 64bit computer, without having to shut off side systems, exporting smoothly without worry, and testing.”
Lionheart Creations
Lionheart Creations

“Fantastic news on the tools, I managed to export a 450K+ poly Zlin Z50 LS the other day without breaking a sweat!! Runs lovely too.. I’m now saying goodbye to Max 2008 and the old plugins.. The changes to XtoMDL are fantastic and really do turn on a light when it comes to compiling larger more detailed models.”
IRIS Flight Simulation Software"

I also found this download still available via a link from the web page above:

When I use Inso / Avantstar QuickView file viewer, all files in my recently downloaded / installed P3Dv1.4x 3DSM2012\Plugins\ folder are reportyed as 32-Bit except:

[Prepar3D SDK 1.4.4747.0 install path]\Environment Kit\Modeling SDK\3DSM2012\Plugins\BaseTypes.dll

...which could not be viewed in default mode.

This raises the question as to whether one must still download and apply the above cited 64-Bit "patch" or if it is already incorporated in the P3Dv1.4x SDK. :scratchch

Hope this helps. :)



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The link to the patch is not available (Link states: Download does not exist!). I believe someone has determined this before that it wasn't available.
The link to the patch is not available (Link states: Download does not exist!). I believe someone has determined this before that it wasn't available.

Considering the recurrent dead links for files on P3D servers, perhaps Bill Ortis (aka "lionheart") or Ron Haertel (aka "ronh") could just upload as an attachment here, the 64-Bit "Patch" for the above cited exporter in the P3Dv1.4x SDK ? :idea:



Otherwise, perhaps Arno could ask L-M to establish a link to a permanent URL that we can link to here at FSDeveloper (...as was done with the P3Dv1.4x SDK itself). :pushpin:

PS: Lagaffe discussed the patch in question in further detail ...here:

UPDATE: Perhaps the info in this thread might be useful as well ? ;)


I prefer to use the XtoMDL from the v1.4 SDK with the last patch that was released for it (1.4.6787.0). It's no longer available, but I've kept a copy backed up on my system. You can export a model from any of the P3D 3ds Max plugins (even v4) and then compile the MDL with this version of XtoMDL. The model will work in all versions of P3D and FSX without the extra hassle.


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Trouble is I (we) don't have the patch files. I just found out what version it was from goggling a French Flight Sim site. LM is playing a game with MSFS. We can't use their SDK to make/convert planes etc. to MSFS with their Max 64-bit files.
I've been trying most of 2 days to get the SDK on my FSX discs to load-NO JOY. I thought I read that the Prepar3D SDK 1.4.4747.0 is the same or will work. Is this correct, and do I need FSX on pc to run same?


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You can use the P3D 1.4 sdk instead of the FSX one.


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I've been trying most of 2 days to get the SDK on my FSX discs to load-NO JOY. I thought I read that the Prepar3D SDK 1.4.4747.0 is the same or will work. Is this correct, and do I need FSX on pc to run same?
I had bother last time too, but copying the SDK installers from the disks to my HD fixed that. However, if you're using 3ds Max, the P3D 1.4.4747.0 SDK is a single install instead of the FSX SDK process, so that's what I use.