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FS2004 Issue w/ cross-ref Time Table w/ Flight Plans

So far I'm not much for creating files just yet. I like to break into things slowly. I mainly use AIFP to track flights-- much as a passenger would looking at the Arv/Dep boards in the airport.

Therefore when I open up AIFP and open an AI file, for a given airline (I use WOAI ones, but I suppose any will do), I typically open the time table and then click on the airport I'm interested in to see the list of arrivals/departures. This is where the issue I notice begins:

In version 2, when I clicked on a particular fight leaving at a certain time/day, it would immediate cross reference (in the flight plan window) which flight plan number that particular flight was contained in. I could then scroll down the corresponding list in the flight plan editor and find the flight in question.

However in version 3, when I click on a flight in the Time Table, it does not cross reference the proper flight plan number, in the flight plan window. Instead it will highlight a random flight number of its own choosing, but not the correct one.

This isn't so much a problem with a small carrier that only has-- say... 7 flight plans total. For that, I can scroll down the list, open each one, and find it myself. But for an airline like Southwest, with 532+ flight plans, that list would be too hard to go through to cross reference with the time table myself.

My question is, am I doing something wrong that's preventing this relatively easy thing from happening, or was it an oversight/omission in the new version?


-- John


Resource contributor
am I doing something wrong
No, V3 is meant to operate same as V2 in this regard.

I'll take a look and fix as necessary prior to the next general release.