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Just a Little Something Interesting (Velocity Controlled Sounds in FS2004)

Hi all,

While making the sound set for my custom 747, I ran into the old problem of wind sounds that has been discussed in several threads across various forums but never seemed to reach a conclusive answer.

In these threads, the designer complains that the wind sound specified in the sound.cfg file seems to start playing at a speed well before the specified minimum_speed line in the cfg, and peaks in volume/rate well before the maximum_speed is reached.

Various users (quite rightly) directed these people in separate threads to check the SDK, and confirmed that the speed values for the wind_sound section are measured in KTAS. Except that they aren't.

Through testing with Hervé Sors very handy AFSD program, I have confirmed that the wind sounds are actually controlled by the minimum and maximum speeds measured in FEET PER SECOND along the longitudinal axis (forward and backward). I confirmed this by having a test .wav file that played at a specified speed and peaked in rate at a specified speed and simply watching the values. The sound file peaks and volumes corresponded exactly with the Vbx feet per second measurements from AFSD.

Just an interesting observation... Just another thing the SDK has mislabeled... Not sure if it applies to FSX onward or FS2002 and before. This probably also applies to ground roll sounds but I have not tested this.

UPDATE: I have been messing around with the wind_sound and I have come up with something that gives very nice smooth wind buildup that should work for most any jet transport. I use a wind sound effect that peaks right at 0db with no clipping and I keep the engine sound slider at 50 with all the rest at 100. Results in just the right amount of subtle wind at lower speeds, and a very nice loud wind sound that drones over the engines in cruise. Give it a try!

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