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Just An FYI RE: Satellite Internet and SBuilderX/GoogleServer.dll

I recently had Gen4 satellite installed which is wonderful but there are certain things that don't work correctly using the default modem settings. The particular setting that causes problems is "Web Acceleration".

SBuilderX 314 was giving me fits about 5 minutes ago trying to download some google imagery so I tried disabling Web Acceleration and that did the trick. Google imagery loads fine once Web Acceleration is disabled.

So far I've found Web Acceleration also causes problems with mediafire downloads and ASN weather downloads (ASN detects multiple IPs in use and denies access).

To disable Web Acceleration you need to get into the modem settings which you do in a browser window. I have the HughesNet HT1100 modem and the modem settings are found at for example. There's a little grayed out "i" (information) icon on the top right that takes you into the modem settings if you happen to be using the same modem. Mine defaults back to "Web Acceleration enabled" whenever I reboot the modem. I haven't seen where disabling Web Acceleration has had an adverse effect on any other web activity.

Just throwing this out there on the odd chance someone may be having similar problems.

Thanks for sharing that fix for satellite users ! :)

Now that you've got it fixed, we'll all be looking forward to seeing some pix of your latest photo-real project ! ;)

Nope - hydro polys and shorelines! :)

EDIT: Fixing some default shorelines that don't align well with FreeMesh X (which is awesome BTW). Here's looking south from Cam Ranh Bay with FreeMesh X and my new shorelines:

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Not bad. :) What water settings are you using? The lighting from the sun looks nice.
Hi Jim:

Since some Google search hits about "Gizmo's HD water normals" go to an old forum thread with non-working links, here's some links that do work ...for those interested in your water configuration: :idea:


Also, a link to some info on FSWC_Next "Acadia"


Nope that's good ole FSX-MS with freeware HDE V2 sky textures, 1920 x 1080, DX10 with the fixer. :)

And for those interested, here's a link to that add-on texture package :


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