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FS2004 KMYL - McCall, Idaho

Great Job

You really have to release this. I'm up in CDA and love flying around our state, this would be a great addition.
You're on the list whether it gets released publicly or not, BTW, do you ever pass through McCall? I need pictures and I think I'll let this project stagnate for a while until I can make a trip down there and get some documentation. Of course right now the airport is covered with 5 feet of snow, so I was planning that for this spring sometime. On the odd chance that you might commute to Boise twice a week, I thought I'd ask. :)

Hi Jim,

once again, I must say that it's fantastic!

One question: how did you get the windows to have that 'reflection'? Is it in the texture or something in FS materials?
Thanks Michael, no it's just the texture. I found some really nice high-res studio shots they must have had done for promo brochures or something. I had to do the back glass reflection myself though which I did with a white gradient layer. You can tell it doesn't look as good as the side windows :p .

I have a good garage door texture with nice glass reflections that I got from one of the free texture sites several years ago...

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Hey Michael I believe this is the texture I've been using for this, if it isn't the exact one it is very similar...

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Hey Michael I believe this is the texture I've been using for this, if it isn't the exact one it is very similar. That large assortment of reflections in the upper windows is what I usually go for:


I usually find that it's simply too large as downloaded for most texturing projects, the bits & pieces of the reflection are too large for the windows, so I usually resize it down to 512 px or so before I start copying pieces.


Oh wow! Thanks!

I'll try to implement that whenever I can! I find it takes your already amazing scenery "over the top" and I hope it will do the same for me :D

thanks again!


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Would you mild telling me which tutorial did you follow to make this magnificent car?

I thought we are fascinated in cars as much as airplanes.

I did some cars in gmax. Those I made are just only 200-300 polygons like these pictures but they are not as good as what you have done. The texture of these cars contain in one piece 1024*1024 only. I need this models since the default cars in FS9 don't look like Thailand vehicles. Most of the cars in Thailand are Japanese cars.






Red big bus
Thanks Ryan, yeah maybe I need to dig out the 'ole Kiss albums and the air guitar :) .


Those cars would be perfect jtana, just the right amount of detail without going overboard. I wish he had "edged faces" turned on. I looked at quite a few tutorials, most were pretty similar but here's a couple:



And this video series looked pretty good. I don't have bandwidth to view all of them but I downloaded the first one and thought it was quite good. Check out this guy's channel, he's got another tut on setting up the background images too.

3dmax tutorial car modeling part 1of6

There was another video on youtube of some kid that did it using 'lines' and apparently turned them into editable poly. The video was accelerated so you couldn't really tell what he was doing, but it looked interesting. I tried it a little using beziers but I wound up with way too many vertices, didn't like it.

Jim your textures are absolutely stunning. How did you learn how to build the textures like so? Im trying photoreal images and it just doesn't seem to take the cake.
Boy I dunno Ryan, I started fiddling around with winamp skins in "Ulead PhotoImpact" about 10 yrs ago. I got "PhotoShop Elements" not long after, and started learning the PS way of doing things. I did a few aircraft repaints, then made some gauges, some web graphics, etc. I just play mostly :)



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I agree with wideloadwhitford. Your texture is excellent. I thought it was a photo in the first place.

I think mapping the texture on those car is quite difficult since the car is not a building, simple box.

What do you recommend for the method of mapping texture?
Thanks very much, but I think you guys give me entirely too much credit :) .

jtana I did the car...


my texture sheet came out looking a little like one of the default MS aircraft textures:


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