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MCX with P3D v4.3, P3D v4.4 & P3D v4.5


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Hello Arno...

Since the release of v4.5 - I was wondering if we should drop P3D v4.3 all together and replace it with P3D v4.4?

Referring to the Options setup within MCX - Within the Exporter settings: P3D v4 BGLComp Path pointing to v4.4 and P3D v4.4 BGLComp Path point to v4.5 and doing the same for P3D v4 XtoMDL Path and P3D v4.4 XtoXML Path.

This would still give us access to the Non-PBR materials though with the newer version.
Hello Roby...

It doesn't apply to you then... if I or others that have obtained both v4.4 and v4.5. Would it be best to drop v4.3 and replace it with v4.4 or would that cause problems in compiling (specifically in non-PBR materials area)?

Both non PBRs and PBR materials can be done in v4.4 and v4.5 (not within the same model though is understood).
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I would consider 4.4 and 4.5 as equal, since they can both make the 4.4 mdl format that includes the PBR settings. It makes sense to still support the old v4 as well, since it is a different mdl format from v2 and v4.4.

If I understand you correctly... You are suggesting to only replace the SDK v4.4 with SDK v4.5 and leave SDK v4.3 as is.

If that is so... If the Texture maps are non-PBR Materials - We need to use v4.3 or "All" within the Material Editor - so that the specular map can be added and saved accordingly to a v4.5 model (.mdl) file. Of course, the field of "Is PBR material" would be set to "False".

To clarify: I understand that PBR Materials and Non-PBR Materials cannot be intermingled or mixed together within the same model or object.
If you export a mdl file without PBR materials with the 4.4 or 4.5 SDK it will generate the v4 MDL format instead of the 4.4 mdl format automatically. So no need to select a different exporter for that.

Not sure what happens if you mix materials.
hey @Pyscen it might not be the right place but i have a problem with P3D PBR :(

i created a model in Blender, UV mapped
then moved to substance and exported the 3 textures with the SDK format
then i moved to MCX changed the settings of the material to PBR ( is pbr = true / occlusion is in a chanel= true .... ) then exported as 4.4 mdl and compiled a library and a placement and here is what i got an ugly model which totaly diiffrent from substance

I even tried to export as fbx then import in 3Ds to make it native work without passing by MCX but even worse my model disappeared

the model is supposed to have a refelction in the blue color and solid in the pink and yellow and a mirror in the green but here is what i got

Any helps please
thnx in advance
You can have both PBR and non- PBR materials in the same model, not a problem.

Good to know. Of course the mdl format will be the v4.4 version in that case since you have PBR.
That is good to know - Thanks!

Arno, would it be v4.4 even if the user has upgraded to v4.5?
Yes, there is no 4.5 mdl format, so the format is still 4.4 even if you update the SDK.
Is it possible to use MXC to convert a Premaircraft B1900D from 2008 from FSX to P3Dv4?
I like to know before reading manuals!
Well, not sure if that answers your question, but I have just made my first steps converting an FSX aircraft mdl to P3D 4.5 using MCX with a mixture of PBR and FSX materials, without any conflicts so far. Early days for me though.

The mix of materials is necessary at this point, I think, because you cannot get - make that: I failed to get - convincing glass and props without specular textures and fresnels. You also have no bloom modes or "user-controlled" emissive blending. I am pretty sure this will be rectified once we get to V5.

In MCX's material editor, you have to select P3D_v44_PBR (see replies above) to export a 4.5 mdl (provided you have the 4.5 SDK). It's a bit confusing because once you set v44_PBR, ALL materials will show the default PBR categories with most of the FSX settings missing. Yet if you don't change anything, they luckily retain the FSX settings of the original as you can see when reloading the new mdl in MCX, and the sim does play along, maybe at a price, not sure yet.

Don't know if any manuals have a better answer here, or that a program called MXC would do the trick, so it's strictly FWIW.
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Well, not sure if that answers your question, but I have just made my first steps converting an FSX aircraft mdl to P3D 4.5 using MCX with a mixture of PBR and FSX materials, without any conflicts so far. Early days for me though. ....