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Missing Aircraft with 3428 version with p3dv5

hy everyone, do you know why after the 3425 version I can't see the aircraft anymore? reinstalling the 3425 version all ok.


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I need more information than that to help you. You could start by telling me why you think you should see more aircraft. It appears you used the "By Title" search function, If you did, the screen appears exactly as I would expect.
ok, thanks for the reply. maybe the thread title is wrong ... sorry.
the screenshot is not what appears for add or search for an aircraft but is the result of a double click to edit the aircraft, or if u use the context menu on the aircraft you want to edit (Open Aircraft Editor).
I haven't even tried adding an airplane and I don't know if it works well.
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if u use the context menu on the aircraft you want to edit (Open Aircraft Editor).
It's still not clear what you see as the problem. However, I do notice that none of the data near the bottom of the dialog is shown - which I will fix. In the meantime, if you select the same aircraft using the "By Title" button, the display will correct itself.
maybe is my bad english... anyway, is correct: none of the data at the bottom of the dialog is shown, and sometimes an error window pops out saying it can't find the model file. thank you


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Please download Development Release It fixes the long-standing issue of data at the bottom of the screen not being shown.

As for the "can't find model file "messages, this primarily affected MSFS2020 users and also should be fixed in If you find it is not, please report the specific circumstances
ok, thanks
i installed version and the window now works correctly. But the little problem I was saying about the model is still there.
Try to explain: in the "Aircraft Editor" window if I click on the "Show Image" button the error: "no valid .mdl file found for this aircraft" comes out.
The same error comes out if in the "Aircraft list" (RH column - main window) I right click on an aircraft, then on "View AC Image".
Modelconverter is installed and works correctly. with AIFP the problem there wasnt.
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But the little problem I was saying about the model is still there.
Paul, the post immediately above is the first time you have mentioned attempting to display an aircraft image. That kind of information is essential to diagnosing such issues - especially with a dialog such as the Aircraft Editor which is called from several places.. Saying "the problem sometimes happens" isn't helpful.

The Image issue will either be fixed or disabled in the next release.
because for me the most important problem was the impossibility of editing the aircraft, I had not been very careful and I did not remember well where and when the second problem appeared.
to help I went to research where and when it appeared to tell you.
why disable it? it is often very useful
thank you


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Why disable what? If you are referring to the Image functions, they are only disabled for MSFS2020 because, at this point, I don't have enough information to make it work.

Incidentally, I have found and fixed the earlier issue.


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It was only ever disabled for FS2020 in existing releases and should work for all other versions. I'm still trying to make it work for MSFS2020 aircraft.


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The model viewer uses Arno's MCX .dlls. Arno is just now updating the .dlls to read MSFS2020 aircraft models. Once he releases the new .dlls, AIFP will allow viewing of FS2020 aircraft.