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MSFS Model and textures no go...working on this for days

Something simple but something I am missing? I have read the manual from front to back... Actually first time the model showed up in purple and actually in the model list... But still unless the dds' are wrong format size etc.

Hoping to nail this down soon...lol



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I always suggest first checking the DevMode console window for errors.

You have shown us the PackageSources, but nothing about the compiled package ... are you testing in DevMod or installing directly into the sim? How are you compiling the model?

Are you sure the model is referencing folder "textures"? Could it be looking for "texture"?, or looking in the modelLib folder (i.e., no texture folder specified)?
I am using ADE... I really know nothing about DEV Mode.... The texture folder is textures..wrong? I am recompiling in ADE.


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Perhaps the problem isn't your use of ADE, but rather the model/textures? How about putting the model files and textures in a zip file and attaching them to your post?
The model displayed in MSFS for me after adding to an airport model list and placing with ADE. The problem is not textures because what is seen in MSFS and in ModelConverterX has no textures.
Extract files from the attached modelLib.zip file. Place .bin, .Gltf and .xml files in your modelLib folder and the .png textures into the modelLib>texture folder. Add to model list in ADE and place model from right-click menu.


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Thank you @art209 ... Installed and restarting MSFS ...Nothing.......Like in the prev pictures....slab with a few trees growing thru it....I created the apron and placed the building on top of that...since it was forest growing up thru untextured building. I don't expect you to do any more. You have been great.... I did exactly as you said... I am sending you the project..(from my project folder in F20 inside ADE .and the compiled folders (build project) and look at the structure.. Not sure that is the problem but the png's in the texture folder have been converted in the community to dds'.... Building still not showing up.

Very Best to you !!!!


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I'm not sure what happened. I rebuilt the ADE project as a 2-way project so you can ad/edit in the DevMode, as well as in ADE MSFS v19


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OMG...Thank you!!! you have made this old man happy :) @rhumbaflappy ....I have been trying to figure out the file extension for the textures.. Are you using a program GIMP; Inkscape; Super.PNG for PS or what or are you just naming the dds .png.dds.. (they are all Capitalized).... and the textures be copied to Json...

One other...is there a way to get the upper end of the Mccarran Terminal level all the way across or what?
I owe you one....Thank you. Been working on this for months.... The BGL in the modelib wants to open with 1.79..should I point to ADE MSFS Alpha19 exe to open the file?


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The extension for textures is PNG or JPG for the developer. The compiler in the sim converts the texture to a DDS format. I would use the Alpha 19 for anything done for MSFS.