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FSXA More LOD madness - 3dsmax

I'm having a heck of a time getting LODs to behave. In MAX... I've made this node:


"jetway7" is a simple cube box with a dummy animation.

When fsx is loaded, moving the camera away you can see "jetway7_LOD_050" show up, then disappear at about 5 miles away. The other LODs never appear.
None of these LOD jetways have animations applied to them, they are just static.

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

I have been exporting with animations checked, and compiling the .x file with the /XANIM tag.


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AFAIK you can't mix parts without LODs and LOD parts together in a single object. You can create a Dummy part and use that instead of the top part, but I don't think a "real" part will work there?
Thanks Tom,

So I replaced "jetway7" with an actual dummy, applied an animation and still the same problem. Only jetway7_LOD_050 appears at distance
New Questoin about LODs, using 3DS Max

My knowledge of LODs goes about as far as knowing what they are.

A new question:

I'm using 3ds max as well. I will be making LODs first time. All I know to try is the "Populate the LODs" function of the PP3D SDK Export and LOD Tool. Does this function actually make the LODs? Even, if does I question if it would work well for my test project. I have a hanger model of significant detail. It includes a animated door, external light fixtures and complete interior with I-Beam structure. Will the tool work OK on a model like this or would it be better to make the LODs manually? How would one go about that?

I maybe way off track. Guidance would be welcome. I there a tutorial anywhere?


I figured out the issue I was having. Hopefully this may help others if they're having the same problem.

LODs cannot be too far away from your reference point
In other words the center of your 3d canvas is where the LOD model should be centered.

John, you don't need that tool to make your LODs, I believe it simply makes it easier to work with all your LOD models.
To make LOD in max, name each model.. NAME_LOD_100, NAME_LOD_050, NAME_LOD_010... etc
Always use 3 digits for the number. The actual numbers will depend on several factors so you have to play with them.
Make sure each LOD model is linked to a root, this could be a dummy or object. To export an LOD from 3dsmax that root object must be animated, so make a dummy animation and make sure you export with "export animations checked"

Hope this helps. Took me a whole week to figure this damn thing out.

I'm afraid linking to a root is not something I have done before and making a dummy animation is not yet in my skill set either. I'll likely figure it out. The model I'm working with has an animated door. Is there a difficulty with that and a dummy animation?

Any additional thoughts welcome.

On LOD's...me too

I'm experimenting with LOD's in FSX with gmax.
I am experimenting with a sphere or multiple spheres at a high altitude so you can determine easily when they pop out.

My experiments so far tell me

(1) one LOD level will wipe out the others in a MDL with several LOD levels....I cannot simultaneously display two different LODs.

So far I believe that one MDL...one LOD level

(2) an LOD like myfile_LOD_500 wont appear and disappear at a 500 pixel image level.