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Need some assistance getting some AI planes to appear in FSX

Recently I downloaded some AI planes from various developers, AIG, MAIW and AIM. I went about installing them and setting up flight plans. I didn't notice anything odd during the installs and AIFP found them and didn't give me any errors with them. I went into FSX and they all appeared except the two from AIM. A CRJ200 and a ERJ145. I've searched numerous forums and tried several things but they just don't show up. I've tried converting them with MCX, I had AIFP install the repaints. No joy. Does anyone have any other suggestions I could try?



Resource contributor
If the others show, that suggest the two that don't may be faulty. (Just because someone posts a model doesn't mean its "good".)

To know for sure, substitute a known good AI aircraft for the faulty ones in the FP(s) and see if they appear. If the substitutes do appear, then the other AIs are likely the problem. If the substitutes don't appear, then the fault lies in the FP - or you are looking for them at the wrong time or in the wrong place.

Incidentally, there's a trouble-shooting guide near the end of the AIFP user manual.



Resource contributor
If the planes are the problem, they may have a radius value larger than your parking spots. Check the wingspan value in the aircraft.cfg file - the radius is half that.
I'm pretty sure its the planes. I try to open them with AIFP Aircraft Editor and get these messages:

CRJ200 - AIFP cannot access the path to this aircraft. Access Denied.
ERJ145 - .mdl file not found or invalid.

I can open any other planes in my aircraft list.

I do put all my planes in the SimObjects\Airplanes folder. Maybe these have to go in a Scenery folder.

I'm going back to searching for good versions.


Resource contributor
Those are two quite different problems.

The first, "Access Denied" is the result of a Windows permission problem. If the AIFP Aircraft Editor can access other aircraft in your SimObjects\Airplanes folder, it should be able to access the CRJ200. This error suggests the "model" field in the CRJ200's aircraft.cfg file may be in invalid.

The second message is self-explanatory. Have you checked that the aircraft's "model" folder contains a "model.cfg" file and that the .mdl file specified in that file also exists in the "model" folder?

Hi Don,
Thanks for giving me a hand with this. I no longer get the Access Denied message. However, they still do not load into FSX. Seems CRJ200s are hard to come by. I've downloaded a flyable version and will remove the panel from it to make it an AI craft. For the ERJ145, I found that AIM has an XR version. I grabbed that and it loaded right in with no problem. I just can't find all the repaints or paintkit for it. Seems like a bunch have been removed. That's a shame. About 90% of the flights around here are CRJ200s or ERJ145s.

I'll keep plugging away at it. I'm also on my 2nd read of the AIFP manual. That is one nice utility.
I'll go do some searches. I was using links from the AI developer sites but when AVSIM came up they all said 0 files found. Same with Flightsim.
I did too. A lot were for the CRJ700 + 900s. An awful lot were for the AIM CRJ200 which I have but can't get to work yet. Has to be something I'm over looking. I'll just step away from it for a bit and come back and get a fresh look.