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New command line utility, you gotta see this!

Here's an excerpt from the associated help file, this is an amazing piece of software! Next time some newbie nonchalantly asks the "how do I make an airplane for flight simulator?" question on one of the FS forums like it's an afternoon project or something, you can direct them to makeairplane.exe!


makeairplane.exe [aircraft type] -vc 1 -attractive 1

  • replace [aircraft type] with the type of aircraft you want to make, i.e. makeairplane.exe Skyhawk -vc...

  • -vc 1 specifies that the airplane will have a virtual cockpit, if virtual cockpit is not desired use -vc 0

  • -attractive 1 specifies that the airplane will be attractive, use -attractive 0 if you want the plane to be ugly

  • Note that if you're making an airliner you can also add a livery switch, ie -livery USAir, but the livery must be an actual livery that flew on the type of aircraft you're building or makeairplane.exe will crash.

  • You can also specify a photo of what you want your airplane to look like with the documentation switch, i.e -documentation http://www.airliners.net...

  • You can specify if you want your airplane shiny and clean or dirty and well used with the weathered switch, i.e. -weathered 20, where 20 is the amount of dirt, grime, dents, etc. Use a number between 0 and 99.

  • There is a bug in makeairplane.exe where it wont make an aircraft with "Hershey bar" wings, for example if you type "makeairplane.exe Cherokee 140..." you'll wind up with a Bonanza instead.

makeairplane.exe will automatically start the sim and load your new aircraft at your default airport when it finishes running.

Amazing innit? :)



Resource contributor
I don't think I'm the only one to notice today's date, and robystar has done a better one already.....


Resource contributor
Is there a GUI version?

I can't get the DOS command to work.

Perhaps if I tell you what plane I wanted, could someone do it for me?

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bahhh sounds far too hard! I want a GUI, it's 2012.....command line utilities are, to be frank, for people with too much time on their hands.:p