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MSFS New helipads and third party heli's compatibility

Hi all,
I am sure some of you are aware that by default only the default msfs heli's work on the new pads.

There is a work around:
In aircraft.cfg The ui_typerole needs to be set to Rotorcraft for spawning on helipads.

However there must be something else that needs too be done as the helicopters don't 'snap' to the pad when you click the 'H' icon for a helipad, instead they end up wherever the airport point is. You need to manually select the little heliport dot instead. Note - this only applies to a dedicated heliport, not airports with a heliport.

This has been tested with the payware Bell 47 g2 and the h145 modifed with the typerole change. No issues with the 2 default heli's

I'm curious if anyone knows the other part that is missing to force the snap to pad?

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<FSData version="9.0">
    <Airport groupID="1" groupGenerated="FALSE" state="Wisconsin" city="Delavan" name="Lake Lawn" ident="C59" lat="42.63412501662970" lon="-88.60113054513930" alt="296.56999999999999" magvar="2.000000" trafficScalar="1.000000" airportTestRadius="10000.00000000000000" applyFlatten="FALSE" isOnTIN="FALSE">

        <Helipad parentGroupID="1" type="CIRCLE" lat="42.63010924491043" lon="-88.60047085552974" alt="294.34825053904206" heading="180.000000" length="35.000000" width="35.000000" surface="CEMENT" closed="FALSE" transparent="FALSE"/>

        <Start type="HELIPAD" number="1" designator="NONE" lat="42.63008033776405" lon="-88.60046115744780" alt="294.13359746193316" heading="0.00000000000000"/>


Helipad and Start are sub-types inside the Airport. If you place the airport above ground, you need a collision box model to make the 'ground' solid.
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I am not sure I understand.

In this case the heliport is flat on the ground. It's not that the helicopter is falling through. It's not being put where the designated helipad is but rather latterly where the airport creation point is.

BUT only if it is a third part helicopter using the modified string above in order to get msfs to recognize that it is a helicopter.

Default msfs helicopters work fine, so I am assuming there is somthing other than the 'rotorcraft' I'd change needed.

And this is only happening when creating a helipad without a runway.