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P3D v4 no AI on VVPC


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It's not clear what the referenced post (which deals with no traffic at an airport) has to do with the Airport Editor. But, to answer your specific question, yes, it's normal if you haven't included the addon-airport via the Collect Airports function.
Well, I already included the addon airport and updated the airport list.dat but AIFP still refers to the default ones.
The reason for my referring you to this other thread is that I included the AIFP traffic file and the ad4 file for the VVPC airport in there.
It must be specific for this airport as the other airports in the traffic file all show AI.
Hence my invoking your expertise in AI matters.


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It must be specific for this airport as the other airports in the traffic file all show AI
The AIFP Airport Editor isn't going to tell you much of use in such an issue - irrespective of which airport (i.e. stock/addon is displayed.) Assuming the stock and addon airports are located near each other (i.e., in the same sector, it won't matter to which one AIFP refers.) Are they co-located? If not, how far apart are they? If you open AirportList.dat (its a text file and fine the ICAO, you can see where AIFP is sending the AI.
This is where it goes to:
Vietnam|Dinh Binh|Phu Cat|Phu Cat army|N13* 56.9500'|E109* 02.7667'|31.09M||+|VVPC|UIH|||asia\scenery\AP977270.BGL|0903\scenery\APX77270.bgl
The addon airport is only slightly off.


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Perhaps you haven't seen the recent posts about PV5 airports. I'm working diligently on an update to AIFP. But, as I said in that thread, it's a major change.
Of course I have seen it, Don. But I do not have v5. I am still on 4.5 and your AIFP works fine except for that particular airport.


Resource contributor
Sorry. When I first checked a short while ago, I didn't find VVPC prior to PV5, so assumed you were using PV5. But, on checking again, I see it was in FSX (and all subsequent versions of Flightsim).

Please open AIFP/listAirportList_Addons.dat, and check that it contains an entry for VVPC. If it doesn't, then AIFP "knows"" nothing more about the airport than stock data. If there is an entry, please send it to me along with the entry from AIFP/listAirportList.dat as well.

But, since both stock and add-on airports are within few cm. of each other and, presumably, share the same ICAO code, it's not clear how AIFP could be implicated in this issue. AIFP simply sends the AI to the sector boundary. It's up to Flightsim to take it from there.
Thanks, Don.
The addon airport VVPC is both in the airportlist.dat and in the addon airport list.dat.
So I think you are right in suspecting it is a P3D problem as I wondered myself also.