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not seeing my aircraft anywhere

Hello all :)

using AIFP a short time now and need help !!

Had V 1.30 before as at today i DL 1.36 to test.

Have some WOAI FP`s in my dir and they all woking fine.
So i put my AI Aircraft ( 5 pieces ) in the allready
WOAI Installed on ( so means only my 5 new paints )
In there there is a special SAA Paint i tought i see.
But allways i go to FAJS ( most SAA plans go or come from there ) i can not see one off my 5 Installed planes.
I see all WOAI installed SAA Planes but not even on off mine.
So the only traffic file i converted with AIFP ( converted fine ) with my 5 new planes is not showing up so hoping for some help here.......

I double checked my entries in the correpondings aircraft.cfg
and can`t find any errors so i don`t know what happens. :(

Mario ;)
OK :)

got the reason !! :p

After taking some time to read the forum threads
i figured out it has to do with that FSX -FS9 compiling
and what FSX does and what not.
After i opened the selv made traffic.bgl that was made for FSX
and compiled it again with the FS9 option my planes show up
at the desired Airport :yikes:

So great tool - just took a little while to understand :rolleyes:

Mario ;)


Resource contributor
Mario, it sounds like your other traffic files have been compiled for FS9. As you've now discovered, FSX won't display a mix of FS9 and FSX traffic; the FSX traffic is suppressed. That appears to be what happened to you and why re-compiling your new traffic file for FS9 allowed the AI to be displayed.

You're likely to have the same problem with any new compiled-for-FSX traffic file.

AIFP has a bulk-convert function that will convert your FS9 traffic files for use with FSX. Unfortunately, there appears to be a memory-leak in that function at the moment and I'm working to fix it. Once that function is repaired, you may want to consider converting all the traffic files you use on FSX.

Thanks for using AIFP,