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FS2004 Odd Problem

Have run into a problem with the package the MAIW AMC West C5. In AIFP v 2.2.08, I create a flight plan for the C5. Load FS2004, and there it sits. Problem: I notice my hard drive starts to continuously "read", if that is the correct word. The yellow light shines steadily. Then the computer will shut down. Restart - and again the C5 is viewed.

Today I noticed this using AIFP and wondered if this could be the problem. How can I remove the folder in the red box? I cannot even find it. Notice the blue box is the same. I completely removed the AMC West folder in the aircraft folder in FS2004. But that did not help. When I click the folder in Red, a window pops up stating No AI Aircraft In Folder. Any suggestions how I can correct this? FS2004 will not shut down properly unless I remove the C5 flight plan.

Another note: If I create 3-4 flight plans, I will only see 2 C5's. Any C5 I select from AMC West has same result.
Appreciate any help. Same message found in MAIW Forum. Told to ask Don.


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Resource contributor
I'm not familiar with MAIW packages (somebody who is, please jump in) but the folder structure shown in your screenshots seems rather unusual.

I suspect FS9 has become confused trying to access the C5. I doubt the traffic file is the problem.

I'd be inclined to delete the whole C5 folder and start again, installing in the aircraft folder only those items that traditionally belong there. Presumably scenery and effects are intended to go elsewhere.

I suspect that you have downloaded the whole C5 package into your aircraft folder.
What I do is download MAIW packages to a MAIW folder outside of FltSim. Then move all of the individual folders to their correct folders within FltSim.
So anything inside the MAIW aircraft folder move to inside your fltsim aircraft folder.
Anything inside your addon Scenery folder should be moved to your fltsim scenery and texture folder or an appropriate scenery\Texture folder and so on.

The C5 scenery folder contains the flt plans which should go into your scenery\World\scenery folder

Dave Butler
Hey David,
I do the same thing as you do. The only difference is - I only install the aircraft and the effects.
I corrected the problem that was outlined in red. But the crashes continue.
Have reinstalled new downloads several times to no avail.
Thanks to both of you for the reply's.