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P3Dv5 ACM compatibility


If the general consensus of developers that use ACM is that I should merge all addons,, even those that use the P3D add-on.xml to load there autogen, I can modify that behaviour in the next build. The current build that supports P3D v5 is still beta, so I hope to have a stable release that people can use in their products soon.
@arno does ACM merge the autogen that is in a „autogen“ folder next to the „scenery“ folder, if the scenery is loaded via add-on.xml?
Or does it only work via scenery.cfg?

It works for both the scenery.cfg and add-on.xml file. But at the moment if the autogen entry is also specified in the add-on.xml file, ACM will skip that scenery.

It works for both the scenery.cfg and add-on.xml file. But at the moment if the autogen entry is also specified in the add-on.xml file, ACM will skip that scenery.
Thanks, that will be OK. So I just remove all autogen from add-on.xml and name the Folders correct. Except ORBX.
So I get a merged autogen in mainfolder plus only one add-on.xml (ORBX). That should hopefully work.
Hi Arno. Is it possible to keep the user.config file near the executable file in add-ons, and not separately on the disk? I really appreciate the complete independence of add-ons from the installation process and the ability to transfer the archive to a less advanced comrade, so that he can install the port by simply copying it to add-ons.
In the meantime, the configurator without installation can not figure out which simulator to use and where it is located.
I re-read what was written and decided to clarify what I mean. I would like to simply indicate the simulator version in the text file near executable file, and when starting, the ACM would already look for the simulator location in the registry. I hope you understand what I mean.

That's why ACM has command line arguments. If you install ACM as part of your addon product installer, you can call ACM in install mode with the targeted FS version as argument. See the developers manual for details.
Arno, I just want to be able to do without an installation every time I transfer the configurator to a new computer. To do this, I ask you to make it possible to install the configurator only once, I have to create a folder in add-ons, and then in the text file specify the version of the simulator that you need to search and configure. I really don’t like it when something stores its settings in the another folder. Ideally, I want to be able to transfer already configured folders to a new computer with a simulator installed, and so that the configurator immediately picks up the required version when copying it to add-ons. Without any installation difficulties.
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When the ACM tool runs it will automatically determine which simulator called it. You only need to specify the FS version once during install so that ACM knows in which exe.xml it should add itself or where it should make the add-on.xml. That is just to make sure that the tool will be ran automatically. So there is no configuration file that tells which FS version is used. You can actually use the same ACM installation with different FS versions installed on your computer.
I just deleted any mention of configurator installation from folders and registry and tried to run the addon. WoW, he correctly identified the simulator folder and added the autogen! It is only a pity that he makes backup in another folder and thus creates garbage where it should not be and it is difficult to get to it, but at least that is.
Thank. I’ll also try how several different autogenes are combined now (they already wrote about this), and personally I’m ready to consider that the beta status can be removed for the configurator :)
I think making backups of modified files is not garbage, that is functionality 99% of the users demands when a tool modifies these global files.

The backup files are put in your user folder, since that is the only location where I can be sure I have write permission. I can't assume that I have write permission in the FS folder or in the folder where ACM is installed. And ACM should be able to run without elevated permissions.
Hi all,

I have just promoted the beta release discussed in this thread to the new official release that can be used in released products as well.
Hopefully you didn't find any issues then :)