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Plugin idea: real NOTAMs in MSFS

Hi all!

I am a VATSIM ATC and MSFS pilot.

From ATC-side we try to operate as real as it gets considering the real NOTAMs. And the pilots need to prepare for a potenitally unusual procedure. But in the MSFS there is obviously no possibility to implement the NOTAMs.
But it would a big process towards reality, if there was an easy way to disable NAVAIDs, close taxiways / gates / runways.

My idea is as follows:
1. ATC (NAV members of the FIRs) uses a frontend (based on a simple input table) to implement the NOTAMs
1.1. e. g. disable VOR / NDB / ILS
1.2. e. g. close taxiway / gate / runway
2. the inputs are saved in a backend mysql table or xml / txt file
3. there is a simple program / plugin (written e. g. in C++ or python) that can be executed by the pilot prior to starting the MSFS, which reads / downloads the online data
4. the online data is used to update the NAVDATA of the MSFS
4. the NOTAMs are implemented in the MSFS
4.1 VOR / NDB / ILS can not found by the aircraft
4.2 lightning of a closed runway is off and there are big Xes at both ends of the runways
4.3 runway intersections / taxiway entries / exits or gates are blocked by a block of wood with a "stop-sign" or a red X on the concrete, or something equal.

1., 2. and 3. should be easy to realise.

But I am totally unfamiliar with the MSFS development enviroment. And here I need your input. ;-)
Is there an easy way to update the NAVDATA of the MSFS. Maybe via an XML-file in the content folder, which can be easily updated with the plugin? For deactivation of VOR, NDB and ILS the range of these NAVAIDs could maybe set to 0?
Or do I need to convert the (xml-)Source to into a bgl-file, that it can be used by sim? And how could it be done?
For closing taxiways / intersections / gates one maybe can create a simple square block of wood (all 4 sides will show a red stop-sign), which will be placed to all positions mentioned in the online source.
And for a closed runway it would be very nice to paint big Xes at both ends of the runway and the light should be turned off.

As NOTAMs are time dependent and could be active just for a period of time or some hours a day, one should find a solution even for this problem.

Yeah, thats my quick and dirty idea. :) What do you think about it? How complex is it to realise such a plugin? Could it be easyly done to edit NAVAIDs and place Blocks to certain positions?

Thanks in advance!