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MSFS Polygons are no longer working correctly! (MSFS 2020 SDK 0.7)

Hello Folks

I am still working on my custom made airport (EDHK) and today some users told me, that there must be some type of problems with my polygon exclusions. So I checked the scenery by myself and they are right. I use a lot of polygons for building exclusions, vegetation, texture & Co. like many other devs doing it also but all my polygones wont work correctly. I use exclusion rectangles for the airport and polygons for the other stuff. But currently it is like, as when they are all turned off!

I created a fresh build but everytime the same result. The funniest part is, inside the scenery editor they are working perfect, every polygon has the correct effect, only when using the scenery in the MSFS they dont show up correctly.

Can someone explain me if this is a MSFS 2020 0.7 SDK bug or I am the only one with that problem?

I think I need some help here! :)


P.S.: Of course I am using SDK 0.7

Yes, of course I did but it must be a much deeper problem. I tried to move back to the previous SDK version but with that SDK version I have the same problem now. All placed polygones are out of function in my current build.

No buildings are excluded, no vegetation is displayed, no texture is displayed, no terraforming works, etc.. Polygon functions are dead. I tried to place new polygons but these also do not work anymore.

I think SDK 0.7 broke my build. I just noticed that the polygons have the same function problems within the editor now. It's looks like it is not priority based.

At the current state, 2 weeks of work are nearly gone to the garbage.

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Hi mr Mo, I stopped my works also.....it is impossbile to exclude, with this sdk, all from default sceneries.
Thanks for your reply!

So I am not the only one with that big problem!

I think it is SDK 0.7 related.

One bemol anyway, with the old SDKs I had made exclusions and yesterday I had to recompile these exclusions ... they are still operational so I think it comes from the way the XML file is written and not from the compiler.
A workaround would be to use an old XML file format created for exclusions and to add the right coordinates before compiling with the SDK 0.7.
I have just checked a couple of my sceneries I've compiled with the SDK 0.7 and I have zero problems with my polygons.
All my teraforming work with Polygons are broken... Its like the way they were teraforming changed. Also runways now have a priority of 0 instead of 10, witch means you cant think of bringing a teraforming element close to it, or youre runway becomes a rolercoaster.
polys have been strange for a while now, no ways to alter UV, transparencies or any properties that are necessary for proper scaling and look.
The problem is known and Asobo is already working on a solution. I hope the will fix it soon.

Looks like a lot of people fighting with this issue/bug.

As I said before, I stopped developing because its not possible to use such important things like polygon functions.
Recompiled my scenery with the latest SDK/Patch and all seems to work OK.
I am OK with Polys, but aerials won't even compile... This is very unstable. Different successes and failures for different users, I hope Asobo can straighten this out. I'm using Steam to verify files, and copying my backup Official folder to the right location ( then updating ). The backup takes 30 minutes to load vs many hours for the 97GB update. Then I'll reinstall the SDK.

I hate this. It's nonsense. Microsoft needs to step in and get control of the program and it's "updates".
You are absolutly right. I think Asobo / Gaya & Co. using not the same SDK like we do. It's currently such a buggy thing, working with it is not very funny. I really miss the WED! ;)

I will try your listed steps. Hopefully I can continue my work after that.
You are absolutly right. I think Asobo / Gaya & Co. using not the same SDK like we do. It's currently such a buggy thing, working with it is not very funny. I really miss the WED! ;)

I will try your listed steps. Hopefully I can continue my work after that.

The difference if there is one is that they have a development build of the SDK they are working on and which eventually becomes a release. Some third party developers may have access to the dev build for testing purposes.
yes, it could be :)


  • DevMode:
    • The console interface continues to be improved and we are now close to making it available in production. Internal tests still need to be completed before we release these improvements in a future update.
    • The new asset creation system from within the Project Editor is still a work-in-progress.
    • The node-based Visual Effects System is now ready for internal production. At the same time, we are still working through some performance issues, fixing bugs and addressing feedback from our internal power users before making it available to the third party developer community.
    • As a background task, the DevMode team is always working on improving the overall stability of the DevMode, with special focus to the Project Editor, Scenery Editor, and Aircraft Editor. The community’s feedback continues to be helpful in identifying & fixing bugs which ultimately makes the tools better.
  • WebAssembly:
    • We added support for standalone WASM modules. These should be placed in a “modules” folder located at the root of the package, and will be loaded automatically when the said package is mounted. The “module_init” and “module_deinit” functions will be called upon loading/unloading.

    • We are investigating several SimConnect bugs while also trying to expand its capabilities to suit third party developers’ needs.
    • We are still working on improving iteration times and the debugging experience.
Have you guys still these polygon problems?

I tried it again today but polygons are still buggy.