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FSX PP3D Game-pack Plug-ins Installation for 3dsMax 2012 in Windows 7 x64

Hi, I have 3dsMax 2012 student addition if that matters. I want to install the PP3D Game-pack Plug-ins. I'm running Windows 7 x64 and FSX with acceleration.

I'm rather intimidated by the installation instructions: "User Created P3D Plug-ins Install for 3dsMax Win7 or Vista Tutorial" I'm not sure that I should go "bull in china shop" here and hope for the best.

Can anyone be of assistance?

There seems to be very little discussion this tool. Is anyone using it?


Firstly ... welcome.

You won;t be able to use the p3D tools with x64 Max 2012.

You need to install the 32bit version, which you should be able to do alongside your current install using the same license key.

Secondly, installing the plugins is not that complicated.

1. Run the Prepar3D SDK installer
2. Start Max, Setup the Plugin Paths to the Max 2012 directory
3. Set Units to Meters, Set modelling unit 1 Unit = 1.0 Meter
4. Shut down Max.
5. Restart Max

I'm not sure how much more intuitive it could be!

I think, I have it installed properly. I did not know the x32 version was needed.

Now the fun starts!

I intend to use 3DS MAX for more than just flight simulator but I'm really curious how many people here are using 3DS MAX? There does not seem to be allot of discussion about it.

I need to experiment allot more but I did get the OilRig test file from 3DS Max into one of my projects. It showed up complete with animation.

Do the 3DS Attach Tool Effects work in FSX or only in PP3D? What I'm thinking is that for FSX I've had to make fs9 objects in order to have conditions on them. With 3DS what is the best way to make an object have a condition or effect?

This is cool!

Thanks again.
AFAIK the ESP/P3D attachpoints are all compatible with FSX. I think the GuIds are the same.

As for "conditional" display .... this depends.

Typically conditional display of models will involve using legacy code, whereas some "conditions" can be attached to effects.

The "main" reason that there is more discussion about FSDS and Gmax is that 3DSMax software costs US$3500 (or more if you are "lucky" enough to live on the other side of the globe) For most users it is not a cost-effective option.

Just be careful with the license terms of your student edition if you are intending to use it to make "for sale" content.
The cost is astronomical. I was hoping some might be gravitating toward 3DS given its popularity in other applications. As to the sale of content, It is not today's concern. I have a great deal to learn and right now this is somewhere between a hobby, a art project and a academic exercise. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to make content of enough interest at a price point that makes sense. We'll see what becomes of PP3D and MS flight, there maybe opportunities we can't even see yet.