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PV5 Airport List


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I have just discovered that PV5 has modified to some extent the majority of all 25000 airports and has added sixty new ones. While minor changes in position/elevation of the airports will have no affect on the operation of AIFP, large changes in position such that an airport in PV5 lies in a different sector from FSX/PV4 will. As well, at the moment, AIFP cannot access the new airports or those with changed IOAO codes.

It's not immediately obvious how AIFP should address the issue. The simplest way is to generate a separate airport list for PV5 (already done) and for the user to select which airport list he /she wants to use for any given flightplan. (If you only program for PV5 or, on the other hand, the earlier versions, the selection of airport list could be made semi-permanent.) Another approach would be to compare the two lists, extract the "problem" airports and alert the user when one of the problem airports is involved. While the latter seems preferable to the former, its a lot more work to implement and it will mean the user gets interrupted more frequently.

Your thoughts on the matter will be appreciated.
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Further to my earlier post, I have now had a chance to programmatically analyse the changes to PV5 airports. The numbers are shocking:
  • 1914 have name changes (i.e., Country/Region/City/Airport name)
  • 11018 have position changes, 193 of which were sufficient to change the AI sector in which they reside
  • 2068 introduce new ICAO codes
  • 2009 ICAOs have been deleted
This indicates there is a very good chance current FS9/FSX flight plan/traffic files will not work as expected when used in PV5.

More concerning for me (and I suspect some of you) is that even if you own PV5, AIFP will not recognize the new airports in PV5 and, where airport positions have changes sufficient to also change sector, AIFP will send AI to the wrong place.

I will attempt to address these issues. But, it will require major changes for AIFP to continue to provide the same seamless operation between FlightSim versions - and this will take a while.

In the meantime, if you are using PV5 and need to use one of the airports for which the ICAO has changed, defining the new ICAO as an alternate airport for the old should work. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a workaround for any of the other situations.
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