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FSX (Released) M.I.T. - Maintenance and Income Tool

Another small update:

Bug fixes:
- Landing vertical speed should finally be displayed and treated correctly
- Landing gear wear is only calculated when the aircraft is actually moving

- Flight quality ratings are only computed when airborne
- Flight comfort now tracks g force instead of vertical speed

- An offset parameter to adjust both min and max allowable flight g force in MI_Tool_Aircraft.xml

This update affects MI_Tool_Aircraft.xml, so keep in mind to carry over and review your settings!

Documentation and download:
This update is of particular interest for Majestic Dash 8 users and bookworms keeping track of their exploits in spreadsheets.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed missing indication for total landing gear failure in message window


- An optional "force engine running" function for users of Majestic's Dash 8 (see debug settings in MI_Tool_Aircraft.xml).
- The flight result may optionally be exported in .csv formatting as "ZZZ_MIT_LastFlight.txt", located in the FSX main folder. The feature is off by default and has to be enabled in MI_Tool_Aircraft.xml.

This update affects MI_Tool_Aircraft.xml, so keep in mind to carry over and review your settings.

Documentation and download:
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Another week, another update

- Contract revenue is calulated before takeoff based on estimated instead of actual flight time now
- Actual flight time is tracked from engine startup to shutdown again, as it was a few revisions before
- Rearranged some parameters in MI_Tool_Aircraft into a "Basic Settings" category
- The net result will only be displayed at the end of a flight

- Flight plan analysis to estimate flight duration based on true cruise speed in aircraft.cfg or indicated cruise speed and flight plan cruise altitude in MI_Tool_Aircraft.xml
- Broadened the range for payload scale values a bit to make things more interesting
- Estimated flight time is exported to the flight log file
- Last flight's net result will be exported to the flight log file

This update affects MI_Tool_Aircraft.xml, so keep in mind to carry over and review your settings.

Documentation and download:
I've uploaded a new revision with a minor fix regarding estimated flight duration calculation last night. If you still get a weird estimation results after loading a new flight plan, resetting the current flight in MIT will help.
Can't wait to build a company around a swedish turboprop with this. Genious use of XML there.

Is there any chance of getting the Destination Finder gauge separately? If not, how can I install it into a panel? Many thanks.

Anyone able to get it to work in P3D ver 3? I am stuck on this screen and I cannot proceed past it. I have installed all of the legacy simconnects and XML Tools. Thanks. Windows 10.


Anyone able to get it to work in P3D ver 3? I am stuck on this screen and I cannot proceed past it. I have installed all of the legacy simconnects and XML Tools. Thanks. Windows 10.

P3Dv3 does things differently regarding gauge folders, so investigate in that direction.
New release, just kind of a "spit and polish" update.


- Revenue mode now requires generating a and committing to a contract
- Revenue mode requires a loaded flightplan
- Removed debug mode to save some lines of code
- Replaced "MIT Force Non Rev" variable in save files with "MIT Contract Commit" (line 18)
- Changed some status messages and the contract-related parts of the UI
- Updated list of aircraft save variables
- Reworked the tutorial in the documentation for a better introduction to basic tool usage
- Adapted UI description and description of gauge functionality to the latest changes

- "Commit to contract" button
- "X" icon next to "Status" when the flight reset clickspot is activated

Finish any MI Tool related flights in progress that you may have saved before updating!
In your aircraft save files, change the values in lines 63 and 64 to 0 (zero). Or try resetting MI Tool in FSX.

Updating MI_Tool_Aircraft.xml is optional. If you feel bold enough, delete lines 168-170 by hand instead of doing the "reconfiguration dance".

Re-read the tutorial chapter in the manual, especially the section about contracts, weights and starting a flight.

Documentation and download:
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Truly impressive piece of work Björn!
I´m looking forward to test it with my virtual aerial firefighting company (using FirefighterX)!

In that specific situation, the payload demand is always the max payload.
So is it possible to delete the Random_payload_scalar and reputation_percent from the Payload_demand calculation without any side effects?

Thank you!
Generally yes, but it kind of defeats the purpose of the entire revenue system, doesn't it?

a) You can set the structural payload limit to "zero" and your starting reputation to 100, but this will, at one point, generate excessive revenue.
b) You can fly without contract and therefor without payload restrictions (and income).
c) You can try to edit MI_Tool_System.xml, lines 653 to 657 (at your own risk, of course).

Keep in mind that you'll have to fly between two different airports when using contract mode to successfully log a flight. Either shuttle between two different lakes or different airports or work something out with two airports on a single lake and a waypoint near the fire (lower the payload divider to generate more revenue for such a short route).
Not defeating the whole thing, just adjusting to firefighting. I want to load as much retardant/water as possible, there is no dependency to a customer's requirements.
But I do need the funds to pay for the fuel and maintenance, so I'll still try to keep the revenue mode active.

Regarding the flight plan'ing, you write in the manual:

The only thing that counts for revenue mode is arriving at the destination defined in the flight plan!

Could I "cheat" in the following way:
- My tanker will take off from airport A, fly to the fire, then fly back and land at airport A
- but I select a flight plan as that has me taking off from airport X, then direct toward destination A
In that case, it's easiest to set the starting reputation to 100, set the renegotiation penalty to zero and do not set a structural weight limit. This will offset the random elements of contract generation somewhat since you can simply renegotiate until you've got a contract with a payload well above the tanker's capacity.

I've never tried MIT with circular flight plans, but you might as well give it a shot. The most important thing is that said flight plan is loaded into the FSX flight planner (you can import from any tool that produces FSX-compliant .pln files, like Plan-G or LittleNavMap) and has a destination. The tracking logic should theoretically not care about the departure airport.

- Edit:
I think I can work around the randomization with a preference setting. The code is in, but I need to test it.
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Roger that!
I am right in the middle of moving, so the computer is all packed up, and is not going to get out until all plastering and painting is done, what could last a little bit :)
I'll be more than happy to test whetever needs to be tested then!

1) Flight plans using the exact same departure and destination work indeed, but require at least one waypoint in between departure and destination. FSX default flight planner can not do this, so you'll have to use an external tool like the aforementioned Plan-G or LittleNavMap.

2) For any fixed income type flights: The "no randomized payload" feature works, but you'll still have to set your starting reputation to 100 and adjust the payload rate divider to obtain any usable revenue from short hops.

3) Operational limitations: A flight can not be completed if you do not come to a complete stop and shut down one engine, so touch and gos on water bodies do not constitute a trackable flight. Work around this.
Vielen Dank for your test report Björn!
Really looking forward to testing it myself