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Replacing FSX Airports with FS9

Good day all,

I may have missed a setting, but when I am using AIFP3.4.1.6(b). it keeps replacing then new ICAO codes with old FS9 codes for FS9. I have updated many of the airports in my FS9 to the new ICAO or New airports. It might be good to warn ya, but don't actaully replace them. Example KECP is a new airport, but the tool replaced with KPFN, which is a different airport and still in use.

Again, I may have missed a setting. For the recorded, this is an awesome tool and very glad to have it.



Resource contributor
AIFP3.4.1.6 replaces airports that don't exist among the stock airports for the selected Target Version with those in the Target Version that were replaced by the non-existent airports. I think you will agree this is a proper first step

I have updated many of the airports in my FS9 to the new ICAO or New airports.
How did you update them - by editing the stock airports, by addon ad-on airports, both, somehow else?

If you modified stock airports (normally a no-no), then recollect stock airports for FS9 and edit as necessary the three files in "Base Data\ICAO Changes_ ....". If you simply added a bunch of add-on airports, then collect addons and set the options in the middle of the Airports menu as you wish. If you did both, do both. If you did something else, I need to know what it is.

AIFP caters to to 9 Target Versions among which there are four quite diverse complements of airports and a practically unlimited number of add-on airports. I believe it offers all the necessary tools to manipulate these airports to satisfy just about any user. I don't anticipate any re-design.

If none of these tools works for you, perhaps a few minutes spent reviewing the user manual will give you some other ideas.

Or, you could revert to an earlier version of AIFP.
Thank you for the information.

As far as KECP, it is a new Airport, so I just added it as add-on, it is not the same airport as KPFN and not located at the same area. So when the the tool changes the KECP to KPFN, it is not sending it to the same airport location, but to a different airport.

As far as changing the ICAO's/Airports - I follow the advice from Airport Design Environment (ADEv1.78), I have had much success with that. Where I run into the issues now comes from renamed ICAO airports. One example is Tbilisi, it used to be UGGG, now the same airport is UGTB. I fixed it within FS9, but when I run AIFP it wants to change UGTB to UGGG. I also know that Lima, Peru (SPIM to SPJC) has changed as have a plethora of Indonesian airports.

It is easy for me to use TTools to mass change them to the airport ICAO I use, so it is not an issue more than I was curious why the change.

Again I must point out to all, that AIFP3 is fantastic and it really works well.

Many thanks - J


Resource contributor
J, I've done a little research. KFPN exists in both FS9 and FSX. KECP appears in neither, nor is there an instruction in Base Data\ICAO_Changes_FS9-FSX.txt to update KPFN to KEPC when loading a FSX traffic file with FS9 selected as Target Version.

So AIFP is not automatically updating this ICAO, it appears simply to be responding to your instructions.

What I suspect is happening, given that you have an addon airport for KECP, is that you also have specified, consciously or otherwise, KECP as the alternate ICAO for KPFN and have selected the option for alternate ICAOs to be used. I say "consciously or unconsciously" since I have no idea what you may have used as a basis for selecting alternate ICAOs. (Or perhaps this is all a result of a typo.)

Take a close look at the file ICAO_Alt.dat and also load KPFN into the Airport Editor to see what is specified as its alternate ICAO, if any.