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Scenery design tool


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GMax has been included since Fs2002, but I would like that a new scenery tool is included that allows you to edit mesh scenery and airports. Ideally it would be some sort of merge of AFCAD, SBuilder and LWMViewer. It would be nice if you could see the default scenery in the background. If MS did support such a tool it would be a lot easier to make scenery according to the latest standards.
I agree Arno. Those are the three tools we use on the Freeflow team. We have only put our toes in the water of FSX but it does appear that we can migrate our sceneries.
In fervent agreement with Arno

I am with you all the way with that sentiment. However, to the list of an "all-in-one" design tool solution, I would also add a simplified Terrabuilder feature, allowing one to alter/create localised mesh, and add photo-realistic terrain images. That way perhaps it could allow us to create hardened surfaces - and finally give us "sloping runways". I would like the ability to create single layer terrain polygons which can be layered and adjusted using the viewer to fit FSX terrain, new addon, and to be able to adjust a texture symmetrically to fit the polygon in the viewer! Phew............... would'nt life be easy. It might even include an improved GMAX 3D modeller..

Should'nt be beyond the realms of reality!
..... and more!!

Oh. and I forgot...................

I would also like to be able to create adjustable landing and other airport/scenery lights, that can be switched off and on from the main in-flight FSX overhead toolbar, or automatically activated by ATC command for landing instructions during the day. Also visibility activated runway landing lights during daylight!............... wow, that would be good.

Even better........
Then I also want a vastly improved ATC system for freeflight - with extended vocabulary and phraseaelogy, greater voice range and internationally located (ie Russian accents in ATC Russia, etc), ATC background chatters, flightcrew chatter, and above all a co-pilot (wasn't that promised) - ie one could select tasks for an automated co-pilot from a taskbar to reflect the amount of sceondary flying wanted by the sim-pilot. Finally with voice activation throughout ATC. Should'nt this be where FSX should be already?

That with a vastly improved performance or acceptable FPS solution, would be heaven....

roll it on guys, as this will only come from independent developers and not MS. After all FS2002 gave us AFCAD_II. FS2004 saw a vast array of tools and utilities completed by the independants, some of which displayed real genius!!