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FS2004 Scrolling window problem

hi Don, sorry, it's me again...
1. load AIFP (latest development version)
2. load a traffic bgl
3. click Bulk Traffic
4. click T&PA
5. click Aircraft utilisation
(all fine till now)
6. scroll the window down a little and you get a incomplete window
see picture:


Resource contributor
I was looking for a reason to stay indoors at my computer this fine, sunny summer weekend

Look for an update soon.



Resource contributor
I was not able to duplicate your situation exactly, but something similar happened for me - the top line of the window was cleared whereas it was the bottom for you. What gets cleared is what was previously selected - so I'm hopeful the fix I applied will also work for you.

Please give Development Release 3.2.09(d) a try.

If it doesn't work for you, then, since you only had a single traffic file loaded, please send me that file together with step by step instructions for duplicating the issue.

3.2.09(d) did not solve the problem.
I attach the traffic file.
The steps are exact the same as described in my first post.

If I scroll further down, the window is emty and if I scroll up again all data has disappeared, even the data of the first display


  • Traffic_Wittstock_1990.zip
    3.8 KB · Views: 55


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Oops. I missed the scroll part in the first message. But, at least there is one less other bug to bother someone.



Resource contributor
This will take a while Guenther. I had assumed when I developed this feature a number of years ago that the control type I used would look after vertical scrolling - as most such controls do. Turns out not to be the case. So I've got to rewind my mind about 5 years to recall the "whats and whys" of that development - and then do it again - the right way.

Surprising this deficiency in such a useful feature has gone unreported until now.

I suggest you enjoy your weekend and think about later.
If nobody has a problem (nothing crashes), it is only a "nice to have".

There are so many other features of AIFP to use and enjoy.


Resource contributor
Upon further investigation, the Assignments control type does manage the scroll bars. I just neglected to enable the operation.

Development release 3.2.06(e) fixes. (really!)