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SDK Wiki installation question ( FSX:SE )

Helllo everyone,

since FSX:SE does not come with SDK by default and one has to use the P3Dv1.4x SDK
which of the listed installation procedures in the Wiki applies to FSX:SE, if at all?

Is there any other guide on how to correctly and successfully install the P3Dv1.4x SDK for use
with FSX :SE?
Do I have to apply any FSX SDK service packs to the SDK?

Kind regards,

I don't have FSX:SE, so just guessing here...

Don't worry about the Wiki instructions for FSX boxed, you shouldn't need any service packs or worry about which version you have. FSX:SE is equal to FSX Deluxe plus Acceleration pack.

It would help to know what you plan to do. If you're just planning to use ADE, then install the P3D v1.4 SDK using the default install location, then install ADE and in the setup dialog you can tell it to look in the P3D SDK folder for the bglcomp and shp2vec programs.

FSX:SE includes some SDK files for in-game mission editing, traffic and effects. For the in-game SDK menus you probably need to edit your DLL.XML to enable them (should be in your %APPDATA%\Microsoft\FSX-SE folder). Change the Disabled settings from True to False.

If you want to use gmax you need to download from turbosquid.com/gmax and install to c:\gmax, then copy the FSX gamepack folder from the steam SDK folder into C:\gmax\gamepacks. Make sure to use the shortcut in the gamepack folder to launch gmax.

I think the P3D SDK includes the modeldef.xml which you'll need when exporting from gmax. I'm not sure how XtoMDL looks for modeldef.xml, it might be an environment variable which P3D SDK sets up. If you have trouble try running configsdk.exe in the P3D SDK folder.

It is surprisingly difficult to find information about how to setup the SDK properly with FSX:SE.
Dear Barry,

thank you very much for your answer. Sorry yes, I should have clearer on what specifically I wanted to develop.
So as it is, I wanted to try aircraft modelling with gmax.
Ok so far I downloaded it installed Gmax into c:\gmax, copied the fsx game packs folder into C:\gmax\gamepacks.
Started gmax from there with the link as you advised.

Got past the gmax driver selection screen but then upon loading I get an error message:

MaxScript Auto-Script load Error is the title line and the actual message says:

-- no ""execute"" function for undefined

Does that mean something is still missing?

And the maxscript listener in the lower left side aditionally says:

Welcome to MAXScript.

-- Error occurred during fileIn in <File:C:\gmax\gamepacks\FSX_GMaxGamepack\scripts\startup\BootStrap.ms>

Do you have any ideas what that means?

Sorry for bothering,

Thank you very much in advance,


Edit: Ok I already looked for the mentioned "modeldef.dll " which is far as I understood should ve been installed with the P3d v1.4 SDK, but so far I 'm not able to find it..
Welcome to MAXScript.

-- Error occurred during fileIn in <File:C:\gmax\gamepacks\FSX_GMaxGamepack\scripts\startup\BootStrap.ms>

Do you have any ideas what that means?

Nope, sorry. Bootstrap.ms is a maxscript that gmax runs at startup to initialize some variables needed in the gamepack.

About all I can suggest is to look in the .ini files in your C:\gmax\gamepacks\FSX_GmaxGamePack folder and check whether any of the paths look incorrect.
Another thing you might try is to run ConfigSDK in your P3D SDK folder.

Edit: Ok I already looked for the mentioned "modeldef.dll " which is far as I understood should ve been installed with the P3d v1.4 SDK, but so far I 'm not able to find it..

There is no modeldef.dll, the correct filename is modeldef.xml. This is used during export for animations but I don't know how the gmax export process goes about finding it. The file should be at C:\Prepar3D SDK 1.4.4747.0\Environment Kit\Modeling SDK\bin

thanks a lot for your reply. Ok I must have been half-asleep when I did that search for the modeldef file. Of course you are right and there is no "modeldef.dll" file.
I found the correct modeldef.xml file in the Environment Kit\Modeling SDK\bin folder as per your instructions and added it as plugin to Gmax.

Unfortunately I still get the

Welcome to MAXScript.

-- Error occurred during fileIn in <File:C:\gmax\gamepacks\FSX_GMaxGamepack\scripts\startup\BootStrap.ms>"

from MaxScript.
I looked though the ini files in the FSX_GmaxGamepack folder, but to me (doesn't mean much) the paths in the ini files seem to be correct.

Will try to find more info on this.

Thanks again for your help getting so far.

Kind regards,