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Separation Plane Calculator

I have put together an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the numbers required for the separation planes of a PAPI 4 as in the PAPI Lighting Tutorial by fredneck.

I hope this helps everybody.

CanUK Scenery

I forgot to add some instructions.

  1. You only need to change the Glide Slope Angle if the runway has a none standard approach.
  2. Just enter your runway heading to calculate the separation plane numbers then copy and paste them into your asm file.


  • SeperationPlaneCalc.zip
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Looks like a nice tool! Will save some people from reading now won't it?? :D

I still recommend using the tutorial to get a basic understanding about what goes into the PAPI coding....there are other cases where combining and nesting separation planes is necessary. This tool should be a nice shortcut though.

I have a very primitive version of this in excel but I use it only for testing; the good ol' calculator is still a valuable tool.

Thanks for the mention in the posting and the tool itself.

As a side note, the tutorial was noticed by the people over at Scenery Hall of Fame, under the heading Tutorials. Here's the link.

They may be interested in this as well, to complement the tutorial.