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Everyone, there is a problem with the Airport Editor in version of AIFP if you use a Language that uses anything other than "." as the decimal separator. When you save an update, the decimal portion of latitude, longitude and elevation is deleted.

If you have installed that version and have made any updates using the Airport Editor, I hope you have a backup of your AirportList_Updates.dat file from an earlier release. Unfortunately, since any update would be custom to you, there's no other way to recover the data. If you still are using, you should also upgrade to

If you can't find a backup, you should move that file out of your AIFP folder - but don't delete it. I'll attempt to write a little routine to restore the file using stock data positions and post it.


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After further investigation, I have discovered that the issue of the decimal portion of Lat/Lon in updated disappearing is not related to use of "," as a decimal separator. It was due to a coding error and also affects So, don't make any further updates or otherwise Save from the Airport Editor with 3.3.nn until you have upgraded to

Given this situation, the next release (hopefully later today) will detect the situation in your AiprortList-Updates.dat and offer to restore the data to stock data position. The updates in AirportList-Updates.dat will not be applied until the situation is corrected either by system or manual restoration. The warning message will be issued at every startup. Should you want neither automatic restoration nor the continued warnings, rename or delete AirportList_Updates.dat from the AIFP folder.

Sorry folks. S--t happens.


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I have just posted Development Release which operates as described above and contains several other fixes.

sorry but I am getting confused about the 3 files -

#1 AirportList.dat
#2 AirportAddons.dat
#3 AirportList_Updates.dat

#1 should eventually contain a list of all airports (stock and added/modified by user) in the sim, with, amongst other items, the location of the scenery file for that airfield ?
Not sure what #2 and #3 should contain.
What is system or manual restoration?


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#1 - AirportList.dat a name-sequenced (Country|Region|City|Name) text file. It portrays the complement of airports accessible at any time. It's composition is described in the introduction to Section 10 of the user manual. Note, as of, the sequence of add-ons and updates is reversed.
#2 - AirportList_Addons.dat is the result of the collection of Add-on airports

#3 - AirportList-Updates is a compendium in time sequence of each airport update via the Airport Editor
Thanks - I am now clear on the relevance of the 3 files.

Tested 3315 - "Find/Collect Airports" seems to work - the 'Scenery Library' option looks fine to me. Used "Traffic and Parking Analyser" on various airfields and looks fine also.