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MSFS Some spots left in the terrain - cannot get rid of it...

Hi guys.

Im nearly done with my airfield. The problem thats left is that i still have some spots of standard terrain left that i cant get rid of. The thing is, its only in the output package. It looks fine in Devmode with the project open.

But when i load into the airfield via community folder i get those spots left.

Ive tried mayn things. All kinds of exclusions and whatnot i came across so far. Like a normal Exclusion rectangle, a poly that excludes everything, vegetation etc. A poly with vegetation set to 0. An apron with a texture, well, i guess that was it. Still no luck...

If you look closely, there are those light-green patches below the tower in front and next to the buildings on the right side. And top right corner as well. There are more scattered around on the airfield... Like mentioned, those areas are fine in devmode. And each of those areas have at least 3 polys on it (because i tried all ways...).

What can i do there? Those patches are in the standard terrain it seems. But i cant use an aerial, its very very low quality whats availabe. Too low.

Here the pics

The "right" way of getting rid of those patches Is an apron with a texture applied (like grass_mousa). Using the coloring option and some falloff Will let you easylly blend with surrouding grass

You don't Need polygons unless you want to exclude trees or terraform. Polygons are really not suitable for ground covering, aprons are the right one

Of course the new apron must have a priority above underneath aprons

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Hmm. Thanks for your help.

So is the trick a certain texture? Because, like mentioned, i have an apron with a texture underneath it.

Not grass_moisa but one of the other gras textures. In all of the spots in the picture is an apron with a Texture beneath it. I've tried with polys and apron.
Basically all grass you see in the pic is an apron, because the normal standard ground has weird coloring...
Just those few patches "shine" through this apron with Texture.

Left of the road has 1 lighter green apron.amd the right of the road has another big darker green apron.

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Grass mousa Is the One i use, make sure the apron you use to cover the White patches has a priority ABOVE underneath apron (by default the are all "0"), in you case underneath must be 0 and the new One could be 1 or above
Make also sure that covering aprons are not transparent ( 255 value Is what you should aim to)

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Thank you. I will try again in the evening. But as far i remember that's how I have it. But I'll check again.

It's not transparent for sure, i only changed the opacity on one single place, to soften some tiremarks in the grass in another place. All other textures are on 255.

But not sure if I changed the priority.

Just to make sure how I have it now.

1. I placed an airport area

2. Exclusion rectangle over the whole field.

3. Terraforming poly

4. Apron with grass texture (to cover the whole area of the whole airfield in grass)

5. (Just to try) Extra second small apron above the whole grass apron, because those spots were shining through

5. (Just to try) a poly with Vegetation density set to 0

The weird thing is that it covers the Standard ground everywhere else. Just those few spots shine through. To the left and right from those patches is the very same apron.

I will take a look and try what you have suggested. If it still doesn't work I'll be back :)
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@mamu sorry to ping you. Im just at a full loss now

Ive tried what you had mentioned. It doesnt work im afraid. Ill post some pics now, maybe you can see what i do wrong. Would be really great if someone could help with that, its the last thing keeping me from (a freeware) release, besides to fill up some clutter and finetuning.

Its like there is some hidden poly beneath it thats causing trouble but there is nothing. No other layer that could cause this. And anyway this patch is also in the standard ground, like mentioned.

I changed the type of grass now from the second apron and the color changed.... but still has the wrong shape and wrong color too. Ive chosen the identical grass texture that the surrounding has (GrassGround02).

Pic 1 - Use package in community folder and it looks like this:


Pic 2 - This is the Apron filling the whole screen. If you watch closely you can find the green border-lines going around the whole place. See righthand side at the bottom for the properties.


Pic 3 - This is the exclusion poly (there is a building here that doesnt belong here). Please look right bottom again for properties.


Pic 4 - This is the Apron with the identical texture as the surrounding (pic 2).


I think ive tried every possible way now. That patch doesnt go away...
(please read post below first)

What i just noticed, if i put gras_mousa there it looks exactly like the pic i made when loading out of community folder. But in that pic there is no gras_mouse, like can be seen on the pic, its GrassGround02. I dont get it anymore.... Fully at a loss whats going on there.


Got it,
Sir...We were trying to solve a different problem :)
those patches don't come from aerial imagery, therefore correction with aprons is not the right way
Thore ARE APRONS! I load your aiport in msfs, in dev mode Options/Debug Drawing - Terrain you certainly have the Draw on terrain option set to on,
these option show the asobo default added APRONS
To solve, in your Airport properties, please make sure you check the deleteAllAprons in the delete command
(to double check i loaded the default airport in ADE..tada, aprons :D

Really ^^

Amazing! Ok, if that really is the problem i cant thank you enough. I will check it out a bit later, thanks for your time! Very appreciated indeed.
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