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Speculation on P3D, Flight and the Price of Coffee

But the updates seem to be quite miniscule and barely ever significant.
Oh well, once in a while, the developers always manage to release a huge update, though rarely...
Ugh! I hate the new version of Real Life. Nothing beats v 10.10.2006. The old Real Life is so much more REAL than the new Real "Laugh", that it isn't funny. Perhaps we should all boycot Life in general. That'll show 'm.

Down with Life.

WAIT!! I am only on Real Life v1.13.2012. Dang, I hate these constant updates... seems like the come out almost daily! :duck:

Oh my! You're still stuck on the third day? How embarrasing!

And the evening and the morning were the third day.

You really should upgrade to the RL v1.27.2012 as soon as possible, as that's where all the women are introduced!
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Ugh! I hate the new version of Real Life. Nothing beats v 10.10.2006. The old Real Life is so much more REAL than the new Real "Laugh", that it isn't funny. Perhaps we should all boycot Life in general. That'll show 'm.

Down with Life.


So, you are stuck with the "Alas Babylon" edition?

And the beginning of his kingdom was Babylon, and Arach, and Achad, and Chalanne in the land of Sennaar.
Everyone forgot the strangest of all coffee types "Kopi Luwak" also said to be the most expensive too... yikes and yuk -- I'll stick with my local brand of Coffee :)
Everyone forgot the strangest of all coffee types "Kopi Luwak" also said to be the most expensive too... yikes and yuk -- I'll stick with my local brand of Coffee :)

Is that the one that passes though a small furry mammal first?
Returning from my vacation I just found out, that they have raised the price for a mug of coffee by 80% in our "coffee-shop"....

A little education please. I do not understand the situation necessitated this thread? What is the problem? What is EULA?

I'm completely unclear on what can and cannot be discussed and why.

I would like to start a discussion of the relative merits of PP3D and FSX with regard to designing for each. I would also like to engage is some speculation about MSF. Hopefully some questions will be answered with its launch.

I would regret a miss step. This forum is a invaluable resource.


I think the situation that spawned this thread is the pending release of Microsoft Flight!

Sadly, most threads (on most boards) about this product run into shakey ground .. I suspect this relates to the same FS tribalism that stimulates X-plane vs FSX and FS9-vs-FSX discussions to heat up/degenerate.

The single biggest problem with discussing Flight! on a developer forum, is that we don't know anything about it.

The other major problem, is that anyone who does know about an SDK (in whatever state of completeness it may have been) is bound by an NDA and hence unable to discuss any aspect of it. :)

With regard to Prepar3D ... much of the development (perhaps with the exception of custom coded .dll) seems to be the same. That is, as it is at the present ... but may change. We then run into the same problems as above. (wild speculation vs NDA-induced silence)

Hence, it is best to discuss the harvesting and processing of Columbian Maragogype beans, and its links to indentured labour.

(Actually, mentioning indentured labour reminds me about developing FS addons for Flight! ... oops, I said too much)
The Flight NDA will be lifted on release day, 29th of February.

You are free to discuss FSX vs Prepar3D as long as the discussion goes about creating addons for these platforms.

As this thread explains you are not allowed to speculate about the Prepar3D EULA and how that might change in the future, etc.

But constructive discussion that is relevant to addon developers is fine.
Or continue on the subject of coffee! :coffee: I like my shop's Santos and Java blend too, or is it also flayed from the skin of those who pick and chew the beans? I walked into that, methinks. :duck:
So now we are being told what we can and cannot talk about. Some people really do take themselves awful serious. My personal opinion is if you dont like what is being discussed, THEN DONT READ IT. Dont bother flaming me, I wont read it....LMAO!!
We are all guests in these forums and,simply by coming here, have accepted the house rules.
Well, I think the problem is more in terms of "what" to discuss.

Take 3D modelling for example:

Which tools are used for modelling? The exporter? How is the scenery placed / organised? What methods does one use to optimise it? Workflow and folder organisation? Optimising performance?

These are thinks that you simply cannot know, unless you have seen the SDK. If you have seen the SDK, then (as you say) you are not permitted to talk about it --- but that is a function of Microsoft's agreement, not FSDeveloper. although, in a professional sense, no-one wants to see members flawting an NDA.

The problem is that whilst you can discuss things ... it becomes a work of fiction.

I noted my local town has a cafe with "Atomica" branded coffee -- a local specialist roaster in Melbourne, Au. Nice. Will have to drop buy for an espresso hit.

On the list of things that shouldn't be discussed here: decaffeinated coffee (yekk. Have a cup of tea instead)
I have a reputation for being banned from forums simply because I believe if it doesnt harm anyone, then any topic is open for discussion. If I wanted to be stopped from speaking openly I would move to china.

Regarding PPD: The people at lockheed say we should use their forum to get our questions answered and yet, I find the important questions either get overlooked or simply are ignored. As for tools, they are pretty much rubbish IMO. Their export tools dont work for $&*!. Their placement tools are console driven, therefore you might as well write xml. Crazy considering its payware. I actually paid for the placement tool, what a rip off. In FSX we have instant scenery which works great. I paid for that tool also and I got what I paid for. A GUI driven tool that works flawlessly. The SDK is pretty much the same as that for FSX. Some of their new features such as bathemetry is not even documented in the SDK (they dont tell you how to make any).

Being a developer for PPD has proven to be a nightmare. It is an extremely buggy piece of kit. Anyone who has spent any serious time with PPD would have to agree with me that it is full of holes. I am seriously starting to regret the fact that I develop for PPD.

Just my opinion folks...I believe I am entitled to one.

Hcornea - Tea contains more caffeine than coffee (by dry weight) but then you propably allready knew that ;)